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December 29, 2009

2010 Timberman 70.3 Confirmation

Well, you start to swim and you get to sign up for some of the big boy races. I have decided to follow a bunch of Falcons south in 2010 for my first real destination event with an official confirmation today for the 2010 Timberman 70.3.

I usually have a tough time getting signed up this early for an event so I was pretty happy that they were still accepting registration. I am sure a bunch of folks will make their New Year's resolution to do Ironman races so who knows what next week will bring for availability.

Currently, we have over 15 members from our tri club making the trip across to Gilford, New Hampshire so it should be a great time. I know I will set some very high goals for my first Ironman performance so I look forward to the training efforts to come.

Now that I feel like I am over that holiday speed bump (a solid run and swim over the past day) it is time to get a little more serious this season. Not so much training wise but diet wise. I would really like to drop a little more weight for my races in 2010 and know my appetite for treats was a major stumbling block. Hopefully, I can use the discipline I see in others (higher level, elite athletes) to keep myself out of the snack cupboard at home.

Write soon,



Syd Trefiak said...

Officially on the dark side!


Anne said...

Hey have fun training... do have a coach?


Thanks guys!

Anne, I have a few people (Syd Trefiak (a friend from Port Perry), a couple tri club coaches, online consultants, etc.) looking after me. I have worked with some of them for a few years now and I find they help a great deal. As I try to not spend all my extra dough on the sport, my budget is not big enough to hire on one of the big names in this area.

Also, the time of day that I generally train would make it tough to have someone on the track, pool deck, or on the bike with me.

It would be cool to have someone watching in person but I am not sure that I can make it work with my other committments.

How is your training coming along?

Best of luck in 2010!

Costa@Tempus Performance said...

Great Blog Larry! All the best on your training and events this year! If you need any help or have any strength and Conditioning questions give me a shout. I have a couple triathletes I am training now so it would be cool to exchange some training tips and techniques.