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Race Results

2013 Race Results

*Good Friday 5k (17:14, 12th Overall, 1st AG)
*Spring into Motion 5k (2nd Overall, 2nd AG)

2012 Race Results

*Good Friday Road Race (22nd M3)
*Spring into Motion 5k (4th Overall, 2nd AG)
*Tour of Bronte (DNF, Flat)
*Sporting Life 10k (34:36!!! 16th Overall, 3rd AG)
*Niagara Classic Road Race (24th M3)
*Woodstock Super Sprint Du (1st Overall)
*Welland Half Iron Du (1st Overall)
*Cobourg Oly Du, OAT Champs (3rd Overall, 1st AG)
*Tour de Terra Cotta (DNF - crash)

2011 Race Results

*Spring into Motion 5k (2nd Overal, 2nd AG)
*Mississauga Half Marathon (11th Overall, 1st AG)
*YMCA 5k Relay (4th Overall Team, 1st AG Team - 17:30 split)
*Milton Sprint Du (2nd Overall, 1st AG)
*Guelph Lakes Olympic Tri Relay (1st Overall Team, 2nd run split)
*Peterborough Half Ironman (guide, 3rd in Cat)
*le Tour de Terra Cotta - DNF
*Niagara Sprint Du (1st Overall)
*CarrotFast 5k (9th Overall, 3rd AG)
*Centurion Canada (111th Overall)
*Tour de Hans (21st Overall, 3rd AG)
*Road2Hope Half Marathon (12th Overall, 2nd AG)
*Miss. Canoe Club 15k (4th Overall)

2010 Race Results

*Run4Hope 5k (2nd Overall, finally sub18 @ 17:18)
*Victoria's Duathlon (10th Overall, 3rd AG)
*Binbrook Triathlon (3rd Overall, 1st AG)
*Welland Half Ironman (DNF)
*Muskoka Chase Tri (93rd Overall, 15th AG)
*Timberman 70.3 (81st Overall, 14th AG)
*Lakeside Oly Tri (11th Overall, 4th AG)
*Road2Hope Half Marathon (12th Overall, 1 AG)
*Egg Nog Jog 10.8k (6th Overall)

2009 Race Results

*Good Friday Cycling Race (way back in the pack)
*Around the Bay (91st)
*Beat the Recession - Oakville (4th)
*Mississauga Marathon (paced a friend)
*Victoria's Duathlon (17th Overall)
*Milton Duathlon (4th Overall)
*Muskoka Chase Duathlon (1st Overall)
*Guelph Lake I Duathlon (1st Overall)
*Gravenhurst Duathlon - ONT Du Championships (6th Overall)
*le Tour de Terra Cotta (way back in the pack, again!)
*Niagara (Grimsby) Duathlon (1st Overall)
*Guelph Lake II Duathlon (2nd Overall)
*Lakeside 2 Sprint TRIATHLON (6th Overall)
*Road 2 Hope Marathon - (16th Overall, 2:54:43!!)
*Wintercross 5k (10th Overall)
*Egg Nog Jog (4th Overall)

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