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December 3, 2009

Pro or Age Grouper

I brought this up on another forum back when I first cracked into the sport about three years ago. At that point in time, I wondered why some super fast people were racing as Age Group athletes when they would easily meet the Elite times in this area? I was also curious as to why people raced elite on HSBC, or another one-off event (i.e. Windsor Duathlon), but Age Group on Subaru?

Now that I have had a some success in duathlon (mainly by default as most of the top athletes are too busy with the triathlon to fill the high positions in the Du), I wonder if I should apply for my Elite status with OAT for Duathlon?

Not sure what benefit I would get out of this as most duathlon races in the area do not offer that category, and I will be racing many more triathlons this season, so the only race this would really matter for is the Ontario Du Championships. I know I will not be a top three elite duathlete in Ontario, even if I worked my butt off this year, but I guess it would be more of a status reward for getting into the overall top 10 (8th in 2008, 6th in 2009) in the province. It would also open up an Age Group spot for somebody else that has been close to the podium for a few years.

To be honest, I think all the guys and gals, who have been up at the top of duathlon over the past few years, should go into an Elite category to battle it out and allow other Age Groupers a chance to taste the top three or five in a race.

What are your thoughts?

I would also love to hear why some of you have decided to apply for Pro/Elite status (benefits, pride, money, etc.) or why you have elected to compete at the Age Group level, even though you are more than fast enough to race at the top of many events?

Or, should it be up to the governing bodies to decide if we are Elite or Age Group? I know this is a whole new can of worms!!!!


Syd Trefiak said...

You would qulaify. I would qualify based off of my IM times. The main benefit comes from when you want to race internationally, or at the big events. There you will race for money in the elite wave.

Other than that, there isn't a huge benefit. I imagine that if you were looking for sponsorship having that card would help, I imagine.


Sorry Syd,

Left you hanging. Was hoping more people would post and then I could thank everyone in one message.

Yeah, don't think I will be racing for money any time in the future so the only reason I would go elite in duathlon is for the status. Proof that a person of my background, just a few years ago, can turn things around and work hard to find some success as an athlete later in life. More of a pride statement behind my name or on the results sheet.

Thank you for the comment!