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January 3, 2010

2010 is Now!

It's January in Mississauga and it is darn cold. Add the winds we have experienced of late, and it is even worse. The last three nights of running have required several layers and even two toques the other night.

It was to the point where I considered running with the wind and taking a bus back home after my run to avoid training head on into the blustering chill out of the north. After thinking through the plan, I figured that was cheating (plus I am too cheap to waste money on bus fare) so I did not go along with the devil on my shoulder. I know that this is character building time so I sure hope it pays off come the spring.

On a resolution note for the new year, I stayed away from banning my mouth from treats as I knew that would be very short lived. Instead, I have set my goal in 2010 to becoming a morning trainer. This will be a tough change from all the late night hours I put in on the roads but will give me some better options when the mornings become brighter. It is also a piece of mind thing with my family as they think training at night is a little risky. 

From past experiments with running in the AM, I have lacked the energy to reach my usual training paces. I tried to change that by eating and than running but that led to cramps. Anyone have any suggestions to get me up to my regular energy outputs in the morning? On the bike, I am able to consume before or during the workout without the same issues so I am not too worried about losing any intensity for this part of my training.

Other than that, it has been great to spend a lot of time with my family over the past few weeks. The usual colds and other little illnesses have kept us inside most of the holidays but we have had a lot of fun playing with all the cool new toys Santa placed under the tree. Mini hockey is my favourite and it sure beats the make shift doorways I used to use as nets when I was a wee lad.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!



Syd Trefiak said...

For mornings. Eat a little more before you go to bed. That will provide you with some more energy in the morning without having to eat breakfast. Something small and quick 30min. before could help too.

Tommy Ferris said...

this cold weather is brutal! after my run outside yesterday i came back with an ice beard! i prefer morning workouts too, but lack of light and the cold can make it extra hard to get out of bed at 5am. one trick i've learned to help make things a little more efficient in the morning is to make sure that everything is all set to go the night before. if you're running, get all of your gear ready, and if you're riding, get your bike set up on your trainer ahead of time. it may seem obvious but i've had my share of early mornings searching blindly in the dark to find my heart rate monitor strap or missing mitten.


Very good fellas! Thank you so much for the tips. I will be sure to put them to use once I trick my brain to get out of bed.

Those ice beards and eyebrows are so cool. HAHA