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October 30, 2009

Simon Carries the Torch!

How cool is that!!! La May Doan is also very deserving. They picked two great people to start the journey!

October 29, 2009

Final training run before the marathon

I am surprised at how serious I am taking this run. Usually my running races are just training efforts to gauge where my fitness is before going into a goal race on the duathlon circuit. The build up is that of any other day of training and I tend not to worry much about being truely prepared for the run.

For some reason, I am more organized and excited for this running event. My workouts have been very consistant with the program I am following and my body (feeling as strong as ever at this time of the season) has allowed me to keep up with all the quicker and longer runs I needed to incorporate into the sessions.

Tonight was my final run before taking two days off to rest up my legs for Sunday. It was only a short 6k run with 4k at a decent pace to keep the intesity in the system. It is a taper method (shorter runs with high intesity instead of my longer runs at a snails pace taper efforts of the past) I picked up in my readings that I hope translates into a solid, alert start to the run.

As they say, all the hard work is now behind me and hopefully I have trained my body to perform efficiently come the weekend. I am confident that I can hit my goal (as long as the wind expected Saturday night has faded for us!) but have to make sure that I am satisfied with that time if I amm feeling strong around 26 to 28k into the run. Do I want to leave an even better time on the road and just be satisfied hitting the target? Not usually. Problem is that it can go from great to bad in a short period of time in the marathon so there is always the chance of blow up and totally destroying all the good achieved in the first part of the race.

In a 5k or 10k race you can keep the gas down and go after that super low PB. If you burn out around the three quarter pole you can usually still jog it in for a decent time. You can also run several of these in a year and try agian. With the marathon, I feel I am good for one (at race pace) per year, at the most.

Well, we will see how things unfold and I will be back with a race report for sure early next week.

Good luck to all those running this weekend! I know a bunch of Falcons will be gliding along side you.

October 28, 2009

If you are looking for sponsorship...

As a weekend warrior on the multisport scene, I know how expensive it can be to keep your gear up to date and fresh. Thankfully, one independant running store in the GTA has stepped up year after year and made it a little easier on the pocket book with their sponsorship program.

I just went to their website (as an Alumni member I like to visit and see what everyone is up to) to do some reading and noticed their application process is underway. Those that are interested have until Dec. 31, 2009 to submit their application for 2010 Team Running Free Sponsorship at one of their 4 stores.

I have been a beneficiery of this unique program in the past and would highly recommend it to others if you would like to be apart of a great team and save some money on your gear.

Here is a link to the website for more info!

I just thought I would pass this along!

October 26, 2009

Taper Week + Halloween Week = Certain Weight Gain

By nature, I have very weak will power to avoid junk food. When it comes to sugar coated treats, the battle is even tougher for my healthy conscious to claim victory.

I guess I was not looking at the whole picture when I signed up for the Hamilton Marathon, that is to be run on November 1st (one day after the trick or treat celebrations). When I committed to this race, I was just going with the flow of my FMCT teammates and thought a fall marathon would be a solid goal to keep the motivation levels up during the fall. Problem - I did not take the October 31st "Holiday" into consideration.

As a parent, the ability to avoid this date is not an option. There is no chance of keeping a three year old away from this annual sugar binge and the candy and chocolate that hangs around the house is way too convenient (and yummy!) to walk past.

I know, I should be stronger and resist but when you have the garbage food appetite that I have it is virtually impossible to do the right thing. I was not a 220 pound eating machine a few years back because I enjoyed being fat. There is something deep inside that craves sugar on a constant basis and in mass quantities.

My legendary (in my own mind) feats of over indulgence have been well documented. Multiple pancake eating competition victories, cake demolition parties, donuts by the dozen eating sessions, late night butter tart raids, etc., etc., etc.

Now as an person that works out for several hours a week, I sometimes feel I am above the "Calorie Law" and can maintain my weight even after consuming several thousands of empty calories. It is a bad habit that I must break, especially this week, if I want any chance of running to my goal time in the marathon.

For my sake, please hand out healthy snacks if you see me knocking at your door this weekend!

Happy Halloween!

October 24, 2009

Thumbs Up to the Elora Cataract Trailway

Today, on a family visit to the country side near Hillsburgh, I finally set out for a run on the trail I had seen several times on my gravel road jogs. I noticed the trail entrance at a few intersections along the way and it looked very well conditioned and maintained. I did not know what it was called until I searched for the name when I arrived home tonight.

Apparently, it is a 47km trail that was developed mainly on an old rail line. The Credit Valley and Grand River Conservation Authorities own the trail and it goes all the way from the east side of Elora to a small hamlet called Cataract, within the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park.

The portion I ran was a wide trail with a nice, fine gravel surface. I wanted to test out my XC spikes again and this trail was perfect for the run I wanted. It was mostly flat and the road and farmer's driveways are well marked and protected. That being, the gates that protect the trail are perfect for hikers, runners, cyclists (so you do not have to slow down to pass through) and they keep motor vehicles off the trail, until snow fall for snowmobiles.

I had a blast exploring the west end of Hillsburgh and want to complete the whole trail one of these days on my Cross Bike. From the section I experienced, I would highly recommend checking this little known gem out. I copied the website (that I have linked to below) for those interested and I hope you are able to enjoy this great resource just north of the GTA. I think you will be delighted by the scenic country side that winds through this portion of the province.

Elora Cataract Trailway Web Site

October 23, 2009

Great News - Muskoka Chase is On the Schedule!!!!!

Hi all! Janet and Mitch have announced their tentative 2010 schedule and they have found a way to fit on the Muskoka Chase even with the G8 Summit in Huntsville. During the course of 2009, Mitch seemed very worried that they would not be able to put on this great race. It is my favourite, for sure, so I am very happy to see it on the calendar. Now, I just have to decide if it will be a Tri or Du event for me?

2010 Subaru Series Schedule
Victoria's Duathlon - Monday, May 24

Milton Tri/Du - Sunday, June 6

Guelph Lake Weekend - Sat/Sun Jun 19/20

Peterborough Tri/Du - Sunday, July 4

Belwood Tri/Du - Sun, July 18

Muskoka Tri/Du - Sat/Sun July 24/25

Niagara Tri/Du - Sunday, Aug 8

Orillia Tri - Sunday Aug 22

Guelph Lake II - Sat Sept 4

Muskoka 70.3 - Sunday Sept 12

October 20, 2009

Drafting in Multisport

I have read a lot of blogs of late concerning the lack of officiating re: drafting in Kona. I also know from experience, that the rule is generally over looked in our local weekend events even though there are 3 to 5 motorcycles out on the course.

I guess the question I am asking is, is it worth having a rule that is not policed properly or consistantly enough to warrent the law?

I realize the rule is in there for the safety of the riders but have you ever seen the list at the end of a local event? You cannot tell me that only 2 or 3 people were drafting out of 400 to 800 athletes.

Usually, the officials are watching the top riders while the rest of the groups in behind get away with working together. The leaders are out there busting their butts and worried about getting too close to each other while the packs coming up behind are making time together and cutting into the lead. It may not result in a total reduction of the lead gap, but the energy they save may come in handy on the final run.

As someone who has received a drafting penalty, while riding close to the front of the race, and still doesn't agree with the call, I am always watching the riders around me. The one thing I watch most is the part of the rule I was apparently in violation of when I received my 2 minute penalty. That being, to drop back 5 metres (OAT Rule, 7 metres Tri Canada rules) as soon as the person's leading edge of their front wheel breaks the imaginary line across the front of your lead wheel.

When I was passed, going up an incline, I continued at my pace but the guys that went by me moved over in front of me and slowed down immediately as the hill became tougher. I maintained my pace and moved passed them. Now, when I overtake people on the road, I watch to see if they drop off my wheel right away or if they try to jump on for a free ride. Being in the duathlon, I have to come through a lot of triathletes in the field who get to the bikes earlier. As I make my way up the ranks on the bike, and get up to the better age group athletes, I notice many people do not drop off their pace. By the time I get to these people, my speed is not too much quicker so the time they spend in my draft becomes longer.

Because, I have been punished for this, I am more aware of the rule (as the officials and I had a pleasant chat after the race). I am not angry at the other riders as I do not expect others to break their momentum just because I get by them (as long as they are not hanging right on my wheel for miles after the pass) but I am disappointed that I have not seen any official hitting others for the exact same infraction.

I say, if you are not going to enforce the rule on everyone, than there is no use in having it. It should not matter if it is the leaders of the race or the mobs of age groupers hitting the road at the same time with only half a road to ride on. A rule is a rule and if it does not work (due to the number of people in the same area or the lack of officials in a race, etc.) than eliminate it or amend it. It is just like any other sport, call the game consistantly and everyone will know what to expect from the officials.

What do you think?

October 19, 2009

Meadowvale Half Marathon - Run Report

Yesterday's long run was only scheduled for 16k but I wanted to throw a curve in the mix to see how my legs would react. I had been out Saturday for a MTB ride on the trails and my legs felt absolutely dead. All the run training and the mini cold I was fighting off seemed to have zapped everything so I did not push on the bike and took the rest of the day off, athletically.

With a day of rest, I was hoping to be a lot more fresh come Sunday. When I walked outside to stretch, and link up my Garmin, the warmth of the mid afternoon sun was much hotter than I had just dressed for. I did not expect it to be that nice out so I had to replace my toque with a regular hat and thin down my glove selection. I had been out all morning with the kids at the park and it was not even close to this warm when we were playing. Even though I had switched down to a cap, thin gloves and shorts, I decided to stay with double layers up top just in case the wind and shade on the trails were a little cooler than my current position directly under the sun.

Mentally, I was really ready to throw down a solid 21.1k run at my projected marathon pace of 4:15/km so I was excited to get rolling, after a brief delay waiting for the watch to hook up. Clear blue skies and it still took 5 minutes to link??? Anyway...

For my route I had selected a single loop trail I had mapped out back when I was instructing the Running Room marathon group. The long link of hard top paths are a little known gem we have in Meadowvale as you can easily get out for a long run on these asphalt trails with very little disruption. This is key to me on my long runs as I tend to lose focus if I have to stop (for lights, traffic, etc.) near the end of these longer runs. If you are ever looking to run in Meadowvale let me know and I will send you some directions to these trails.

As for the run itself, I started out in good spirits but my body was not going quite as fast as I expected. I talked myself into being patient thinking I just needed a few kilometres to get into gear so I pushed on trying to stay near pace but it was much harder than in recent runs. Once my legs got into the rhythm the pace would come much easier and I would be able to glide at this pace, at least that is how I planned it to work.

Well, that never happened and I struggled the entire run trying to hover at my pace. After each kilometre my watch popped up the split and I kept on waiting for good news. The only good news was that I was one kilometre closer to the finish. I was looking for excuses for much of the run. Was I too hot with two layers up top? Was the wind beating me down? Was I lacking hydration or did I eat too much over the weekend? What ever it may have been, I kept my legs moving and stuck to my route as a DNF in training would be tough to swallow two weeks before the real run.

Thankfully, I had banked up a few quicker splits (but not much quicker) so by the time I reached 17k, I could relax a little more. If I did not hit 4:15 on the dot it would not be the end of the world but I knew I would be close enough so I could enjoy the final stretch of the run on a colourful fall day.

In the end, I was just barely able to keep it under 4:15/km. I really had to battle for that average pace, something I was not anticipating with my run training of late. Time now for some down time to rest up with only 13 days until the big marathon.


PS - Congrats to all those I saw in the results pages this weekend! Marko had a very fast Toronto Half Marathon. John put down a very solid Full Toronto Marathon. Paul posted a blazing 5k in Toronto. David Moore was up near the top of the Toronto Half Marathon. Jo-Jo was as quick as always in the Toronto Half Marathon. I am sure I missed someone so I am sorry but there was a lot happening this weekend!

October 17, 2009

Coolsaet Calls the Shot

At the Toronto Zoo Run 10k, aka the Canadian 10k Championships, Simon Bairu takes first place by 10 seconds over Reid Coolsaet.

1 SIMON BAIRU PORTLAND 29:47.3 Men 25 - 29
2 REID COOLSAET GUELPH 29:57.1 Men 30 - 34
3 ERIC GILLIS GUELPH 30:00.4 Men 25 - 29
4 RICHARD MOSELY VANCOUVER 30:01.3 Men 25 - 29
5 DYLAN WYKES KINGSTON 30:25.5 Men 25 - 29
6 TAYLOR MILNE GUELPH 30:34.5 Men 25 - 29
7 ADAM HORTIAN KITCHENER 30:34.8 Men 25 - 29
8 MATT LOISELLE TORONTO 30:38.2 Men 25 - 29
9 RYAN MCKENZIE VICTORIA 30:44.6 Men 30 - 34

Funny thing is that Coolsaet called the 1,2 shot in an interview with the Canadian Press just a few days earlier and posted it on his site.
Reid's Blog with 10k Preview

October 15, 2009

Sub 40 minute training 10k

Today, I hit a personal milestone that I am pretty proud of so I thought I would share. I have taken my running to MY next level over the past few months and the improved focus in training is really showing these days. Times, I once thought beyond my talents, are getting closer and closer to being realized.

Even on a day when I was going to go a little easier than recent runs, due to the development of a mild cold, I seemed to be going much faster than usual for the same effort.

I knew I had the wind to my back for the first 4km so I thought I would just go with flow and enjoy the help. It was fun to crack off some decent splits so early in the run. I then decided to wait until the 3k mark and throw in one race pace km for fun. It was tiring but I just wanted to see what I had on this day.

Knowing that I would be heading back into the wind soon, I started to back off at 4k. Somehow, the next split came up under 4:00 but I was hanging on to a pretty comfortable speed. The next two kilometres were dead into the wind where I assumed I would fall back to my recent 10k training paces. After those splits came up, I was in a much better position than expected.

The final 3k ended up being a lot faster than the norm. I was not pushing too hard and my breathing was controlled. I was amazed at the splits that were coming up on the Garmin since I was still driving into the wind.

After seeing the 9k split, I knew I had a chance to break 40 minutes so my final kilometre did have some extra bounce to it but I was not exhausted at completion and could easily have busted off 5 or 8 more km's, I think.

10k = 39:43


Now for my first coached swim practice tonight. I can't wait!

October 14, 2009

Warming Up to the Tready

Before joining the gym last fall, initially to rehab my knee, I was dead set against running on a treadmill. I found them far too boring to put any length of workout together worth jumping on.

As my knee gradually improved, I started to jump on the gym's treadmill for a little jog once or twice a week. Eventually, I was getting back up to my usual 10k to 15k distances and, with the help of the TV's in the centre, I was not impatiently counting down every single second of the run. Time was actually passing in a tolerable manner.

I was always aware of the many benefits of treadmill running, compared to outdoor running, such as the reduced joint pain, the consistent effort created by the machine, the hill settings available, etc. but I never really gave this training tool a chance in the past.

Now, I actually look forward to hitting the mill for at least one solid training session per week. I generally save a high tempo or interval workout for a day I know I will visit the gym at lunch or night.

Before I head over to the gym, I prepare my workout and do all the calculations on paper since many of these machines work in imperial mileage and not metric settings. The machine driven speed keeps my effort at the point I desire and I cannot get lazy or cheat on the run, unless I wish to fall off the back or slow the system down a few notches.

Incorporating these workouts into my training schedule has definitely improved my speed over the course of the past year. Coming back from injury, I was well behind my previous speed but the treadmill helped me push through the tough intervals last winter and spring and I was back on stride to start the 2009 season. Now, as I prepare for more running in the fall, along with a marathon, my treadmill sessions have helped me push the pace for a longer distance.

My two regrets in running are not starting to use this machine earlier in my running career and not using it during the summer this year. I should have given more credit to the treadmill for my improvement last off-season and kept on it for the entire year. With the summer weather we had, I would not have missed much by being indoors and I am sure I would have started this fall off as a much quicker athlete.

October 13, 2009

Kona Canadian Results

I think I got them all...


79 -- Tereza Macel -- WPRO -- (4th/51)
103 -- Samantha McGlone -- WPRO -- (6th/51)
278 -- Jeff Gosselin -- M18-24 -- (10th/35)
304 -- Rhae Shaw -- W30-34 -- (2nd/67)
352 -- Peter Kornelsen -- M50-54 -- (9th/104)
630 -- Claudia Johnston -- W35-39 -- (6th/71)
989 -- Edie Fisher -- W50-54 -- (6th/38)
1070 -- Bonnie Grundman -- W50-54 -- (8th/38)
1164 -- Brian Cowie -- PChal. -- (1st/6)
1200 -- Milos Kostic -- M65-69 -- (1st/34)
1355 -- Beverly Watson -- W55-59 -- (10th/31)
1412 -- Cullen Goodyear -- W60-64 -- (2nd/16)


Overall Name City Country Bib # Time AG Representing
45 Mike Neill Victoria BC CAN 23 9:11:07 MPRO CAN
79 Tereza Macel Toronto ON CAN 127 9:23:43 WPRO CZE
103 Samantha McGlone Tucson AZ USA 126 9:30:28 WPRO CAN
149 Richard Pady Orangeville ON CAN 1378 9:40:37 M35-39 CAN
232 Cameron Bush Toronto ON CAN 1581 9:52:49 M30-34 CAN
240 David Matheson Penticton BC CAN 1243 9:54:20 M35-39 CAN
248 Tim Rowley Toronto ON CAN 960 9:55:18 M40-44 CAN
278 Jeff Gosselin Riviere-Du-L QC CAN 1830 9:59:10 M18-24 CAN
304 Rhae Shaw Seattle WA USA 1617 10:02:56 W30-34 CAN
334 Chad Johnston Calgary AB CAN 997 10:07:39 M40-44 CAN
351 Joe Rizzi Newmarket ON CAN 1188 10:10:26 M35-39 CAN
352 Peter Kornelsen Ajax ON CAN 534 10:10:39 M50-54 CAN
367 Marc Flageole Boucherville QC CAN 937 10:11:51 M40-44 CAN
377 Adrian Lawson Toronto ON CAN 1502 10:13:13 M30-34 CAN
393 Andrew Sellars Vernon BC CAN 1088 10:15:14 M40-44 CAN
409 Larbi Benhabib Kingston ON CAN 1721 10:16:35 M25-29 CAN
440 Jason Kincaid Edmonton AB CAN 1184 10:19:15 M35-39 CAN
444 Paolina Allan Aurora ON CAN 118 10:19:31 WPRO CAN
474 Glenn Mengering Longmont CO USA 1262 10:24:01 M35-39 CAN
542 Ryan Smith Burlington ON CAN 1369 10:32:30 M35-39 CAN
572 Barry Dmitruk Ottawa ON CAN 603 10:36:56 M45-49 CAN
589 Trevor Kolkea Pouce Coupe BC CAN 1282 10:39:21 M35-39 CAN
613 Anthony Toth Vancouver BC CAN 182 10:42:01 MPRO CAN
630 Claudia Johnston Nottawa ON CAN 1429 10:44:04 W35-39 CAN
649 Allan Boos Victoria BC CAN 1248 10:46:27 M35-39 CAN
688 Chris Kennedy Calgary AB CAN 1485 10:50:46 M30-34 CAN
689 Dan Contant Cornwall ON CAN 677 10:50:49 M45-49 CAN
712 Laird Lidster Brandon MB CAN 1356 10:52:51 M35-39 CAN
714 Kerrie Wlad Longmont CO USA 1263 10:53:31 W35-39 CAN
733 John White Calgary AB CAN 1477 10:55:17 M30-34 CAN
811 Sheila Gillis Calgary AB CAN 1444 11:05:29 W35-39 CAN
813 Paul White Newmarket ON CAN 767 11:05:45 M45-49 CAN
818 James Sunners Niagara Fall ON CAN 703 11:06:34 M45-49 CAN
819 Darrel Martens Aldergrove BC CAN 1000 11:07:27 M40-44 CAN
822 Linnea Humphrey Toronto ON CAN 1116 11:08:08 W40-44 CAN
864 Blair Kniaziew Gervais Windsor ON CAN 1624 11:12:56 W30-34 CAN
874 Virginia Sellars Vernon BC CAN 1416 11:14:46 W35-39 CAN
876 Brian Keast Slough of De ON CAN 555 11:15:03 M50-54 CAN
899 Kelly Brandson Whitby ON CAN 489 11:18:16 M50-54 CAN
924 Allan Richardson The Woodland TX USA 513 11:22:23 M50-54 CAN
962 Michelle Milot Calgary AB CAN 1662 11:26:48 W30-34 CAN
972 Monica Labarge Kingston ON CAN 1616 11:28:49 W30-34 CAN
981 Andrzej Kozlowski Mississauga ON CAN 558 11:30:05 M50-54 POL
989 Edie Fisher Kenora ON CAN 574 11:31:24 W50-54 CAN
993 Carolyn Hubbard North Vancou BC CAN 1123 11:31:58 W40-44 CAN
1000 Michael Colmant Abbotsford BC CAN 449 11:34:16 M50-54 CAN
1012 Beverley Wells Ottawa ON CAN 1112 11:36:27 W40-44 CAN
1016 Cam MacKenzie Edmonton AB CAN 780 11:37:04 M45-49 CAN
1025 Tiffany Boire-Jette Ottawa ON CAN 1408 11:38:49 W35-39 CAN
1035 Jocelyn Saunders Newark DE USA 1101 11:41:35 W40-44 CAN
1070 Bonnie Grundman North York ON CAN 594 11:48:50 W50-54 CAN
1151 Ronald Vandersluis Pickering ON CAN 765 12:05:14 M45-49 CAN
1152 Florence Tartavel Pickering ON CAN 1405 12:05:19 W35-39 CAN
1164 Brian Cowie Burnaby BC CAN 208 12:09:50 PChal. CAN
1172 Laurel Johnson Kanata ON CAN 1107 12:12:09 W40-44 CAN
1195 Tammy Kovaluk-Boos Victoria BC CAN 1446 12:20:44 W35-39 CAN
1198 Robert Macdonald Toronto ON CAN 627 12:23:17 M45-49 CAN
1200 Milos Kostic Regina SK CAN 258 12:24:14 M65-69 CAN
1206 Tina Kader Montreal QC CAN 809 12:25:16 W45-49 CAN
1220 Judy Andrew Piel Ottawa ON CAN 804 12:30:11 W45-49 CAN
1228 Michael Peerless London ON CAN 629 12:33:05 M45-49 CAN
1237 Krista Powell Victoria BC CAN 1645 12:37:05 W30-34 CAN
1242 Richard Tout Kincardine ON CAN 368 12:38:08 M55-59 CAN
1250 Carmel Tindale-Fox Mississauga ON CAN 802 12:40:40 W45-49 CAN
1278 Charles Day Calgary AB CAN 774 12:50:17 M45-49 CAN
1281 Milton Guignion Kaleden BC CAN 403 12:51:14 M55-59 CAN
1288 Dierdre Douglas Montreal QC CAN 1443 12:53:55 W35-39 CAN
1297 Patricia Irving Edmonton AB CAN 595 12:56:36 W50-54 CAN
1304 Derek Woodhurst Salmon Arm BC CAN 415 12:59:26 M55-59 CAN
1314 George Reid Chelsea QC CAN 412 13:02:21 M55-59 CAN
1322 Adrienne Stedford Penticton BC CAN 1863 13:06:31 W18-24 CAN
1355 Beverly Watson Priddis AB CAN 436 13:22:33 W55-59 CAN
1366 Joan Stepler McKinney TX USA 842 13:27:41 W45-49 CAN
1372 Greg Walters Edmonton AB CAN 1236 13:30:28 M35-39 CAN
1391 Ralph Dunning Markham ON CAN 736 13:41:41 M45-49 CAN
1412 Cullen Goodyear North Vancou BC CAN 350 13:47:14 W60-64 CAN
1414 Catriona Jackson Kingston ON CAN 1809 13:48:17 W25-29 CAN
1435 Joanne Montgomery Penticton BC CAN 441 13:59:57 W55-59 CAN
1458 Viola Burke North Bay ON CAN 423 14:15:28 W55-59 CAN
1459 John Hetherington McDonald's C ON CAN 323 14:16:53 M60-64 CAN
1465 Tomoko Tamaoki Burlington ON CAN 813 14:20:15 W45-49 CAN
1474 Jane McCurdy Calgary AB CAN 1781 14:24:44 W25-29 CAN
1491 Lewis Kirk Victoria BC CAN 861 14:32:35 M40-44 CAN
1496 Joseph Garcia St. Albert AB CAN 282 14:36:42 M65-69 CAN
1511 Ryann Fraser Boulder CO USA 1875 14:46:37 W18-24 CAN
1533 Shawn Strachan Cochrane AB CAN 722 15:00:50 M45-49 CAN
1571 Ted Rosen Toronto ON CAN 308 15:30:28 M60-64 CAN
1575 Elizabeth Thompson Toronto ON CAN 199 15:34:12 W55-59 CAN
1579 Kimberly Lerbekmo Edmonton AB CAN 1634 15:36:35 W30-34 CAN
1605 Bob Lait Richmond BC CAN 462 15:57:51 M50-54 CAN
1638 Tommy Lettner Mississauga ON CAN 254 16:30:53 M65-69 CAN
1640 Ken Hetherington New Glasgow NS CAN 266 16:32:55 M65-69 CAN
1711 DNF Murray Frank Port Coquitl BC CAN 646 M45-49 CAN
1720 DNF Jasper Blake Victoria BC CAN 78 MPRO CAN
1731 DNF Myles Gaulin Calgary AB CAN 604 M45-49 CAN
1735 DNF Heather Wurtele Kelowna BC CAN 156 WPRO CAN
1744 DNF Guy Boucher Rimouski QC CAN 1280 M35-39 CAN
1775 DNF Leslie Sanderson Ottawa ON CAN 1127 W40-44 CAN

October 6, 2009

Longest Long Runs Done...Until Race Day

I was starting to get worried that I would miss my long run this week, which could have talked me out of the Hamilton Marathon. I would hate to run a race of this distance at a quick pace (relative to my running ability!)without a 30k plus run in training.

With work being very busy and a couple sick kids (nothing major but more attention required at night), in the mix of late, I was finding time very limited this past weekend. Finding time during the week for a 2 1/2 hour run can be very tough given my schedule so I knew I was going to have to give up some sleep one day and run even more later than the norm. Thankfully, things got done earlier than usual last night and I hit the streets at 10:30pm.

Finding 30k at night can be tricky in the city without having to stop at all the lights so I just let them determine my path and made my turns each time I came to a red light. It ended up working really well and I put in a decent run in a very relaxed manner.

I did not go out as fast as the last effort with Marko and Brian and wanted to keep it much slower than usual due to the lack of sleep and other stresses in life. I just wanted to make sure I put in the full mileage as long as I kept the pace below 5:00/km. This made the run very fun and enjoyable and I could have added many extra kilometres, if the program called for them.

It was exactly what I needed in a long run and I am now confident in my fitness for the entire 42.2 in a few weeks.

October 3, 2009

My First Real Cycling Accident

It is bound to happen, that is what I have come to terms with as I read and hear story after story from long time cyclists. Well, today I had my first crash, and thankfully, I was able to walk away with only a few scratches. Body and bike.

I was out for an easy ride on the cross bike and had been on the trails around Meadowvale and south Brampton for a little over an hour when I thought I should get home. The way home is through the industrial area of Meadowvale, so very light traffic on the weekend.

I was passing the big Royal Bank building and ready to make a left turn. I noticed a car coming out of the RBC parking lot and entering my turn lane. I quickly made my turn onto a double lane road and wanted to immediately go from the left lane into the shoulder lane. I had made my signal right away thinking the car would be on my tail in the left lane (if they made a proper turn!). As I made my signal and looked back I noticed the idiot in the car had made a wide turn into the shoulder lane that I was entitled to. You would think this person would have accepted my signal and slowed down to let a bike get to the right side of the road but they just kept coming at me. This rushed me into getting across the lane as fast as possible and, since I wanted to make sure they did not hit me from the back, I paid too much attention to the back and not enough to the side.

I looked up just in time to get a little more sideways on the upcoming curb before scrubbing out and flying into the sidewalk area. My helmet was in fine working order as my head hit the grass boulevard first (thank goodness there was grass between the road and the contrete sidewalk!)before I slid across to the harder surface of the sidewalk.

I was fuming and cursing up a storm. I am not sure why that person would not stop but I was ready to give them a piecce of my mind. Funny how you try to obey the traffic laws and stay safe and you end up paying for it because someone else does not deserve to be on the road.

I really should have grabbed the darn license number and reported the idiot driver.

October 1, 2009

Great Posting - Very Worth a Read!!

One of our great triathletes has a fantastic posting on her site that I wanted to share. It is a quick story about human spirit and the ability we all have to knock down obstacles. It is up to the individual to decide if they want to pass the barriers presented!

Link to Magali's "Inspiration of the Day" article!

The Long Run - Streetsville

Hi All,

I received an email yesterday with a flyer regarding a big sale on running gear. The title caught my attention, after I had checked out some of the prices. I sort of felt bad about wanting to take advantage of these prices as the header read "Bankruptcy - Sale on Now".

This comes as a huge surprise as I always thought The Long Run store had a big following and it even has a few groups running out of the location for their meeting place. Streetsville may not be the biggest shopping destination in the GTA but there is usually a good size crowd marching up and down the streets come the weekend.

I have purchased quite a few items from Steve over the past few years, since moving to the area, and I always looked for his tent first at the triathlon events, if I was in need of some last minute gear or nutrition.

I guess I feel like taking the gear at a huge reduction now is like rubbing some salt in the wound. Although, if we all make purchases it may help reduce his debt load to the creditors or suppliers he will have to settle up with.

Now the question is - to get a deal or not?

Either way,it is a sad day for another one of our sport's small businesses!