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December 11, 2009

Last Race of the Year

This Sunday I will be joining a bunch of the FMCT Falcons in their yearly tradition of running the Egg Nog Jog. This is a 10.8km race held in Terra Cotta and is a very tough course with many hills, cold weather and usually snow covered roads (so I am told).

I have actually been training pretty hard to have a solid race here. After this one, I am going to take a little break, as per the suggestions of many people, and enjoy a lot of treats. The spot I visit for most of my lunches, "Buka Bean and Begal", has loaded up on a huge selection of amazing looking treats for the holiday season. I have resisted the temptation to purchase some of the awesome shortbread cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, cinnamon rolls, etc. since they started the display a month or so ago. I am going to sugar load on Monday for sure!

This place is a great little cafe at Erin Mills and Millcreek in Mississauga that has a fantastic lunch for those on the move. I usually make my routes end at this point and take out my lunch for the walk back to the office. If you ever get a chance, stop in as the folks that own and operate the cafe are really nice and very good at making a tasty lunch. Just a heads up that they are only open for mornings and mid afternoon meals so you will be disappointed if you show up after 4pm during the week.

Back to the race, I was hoping to go fast and really test my hill legs but that plan was built when the weather was unseasonaly warm. Things have changed in the past week and we now have snow, cold air, and super gusting wind. I almost feel like I trained too hard and should have been just putting in the base training that most others are wisely doing at this time of the year.

For me, it is tough to slow down as I know one of the reasons I have been able to improve at my rate is my work ethic. I have been fortunate not to burn out, to date, but I really need to listen to those that know the sport and put it in cruise control for a month or two. If anyone wants to share a typical base building week, please send it my way. I would love to see exactly how others are putting their's together.

Anyway, I will get my race report up to share my experience in the Egg Nog Jog. If you are taking part in the event as well make sure you say hi!

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Jason said...

Hi Larry, we've got Buka Bean in common! Hope the training is going well, still love to get out there with you