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March 20, 2013

It's been a while...

Wow, can't believe how long it has been between posts, yet, it doesn't seem like I have missed writing about much.

So what have I not blogged about of late? Not a heck of a lot. Work, family and hockey have been super busy so I have made an effort to get these taken care of first and then get my training in during the gaps in time I find. Usually, that means a lunch workout as well as a late night trip to the gym.

I was really hoping to get out of that habit and switch into a productive morning person but this habit is not wanting to work with me. I don't think daylight savings has helped this out as I was hitting the gym for a tready or trainer ride pretty late but treating it like an hour earlier to justify being there so late. Good luck getting out of bed to train the next morning after a bunch of those sessions per week.

Hopefully, I can get rolling on the other side of the day soon as I would like to use the mornings to get back into cycling shape. I am not sure how much safer the morning is to ride (due to the crazy commuter traffic) but most people seem to think my late night riding is pretty dangerous. Sometimes, I see their point but the route I take at night offers a secure ride in my mind. Problem is you are stuck on this route within the city limits so it does become rather monotonous so getting out on to the country side would be a welcoming change.

With the weather remaining cold and snowy around the GTA, it appears I have some time to incorporate this change any way. I have been riding outside but usually it has a secondary purpose as I need to get to work in a quicker time than the bus often offers. In previous years, I have used my cross bike or MTB option so my road bike has been protected from the elements. After trashing the MTB and being too lazy to tune up the cross bike, I have been riding my roadie all this time and the winter has not been kind so it looks like I have a spring project coming up.

Thankfully, I got a head start on this and picked up some new parts along the way so I can get the Tarmac rolling nice and smooth in time for the dry, warm weather we should expect soon. I can't wait as it has been too long since my last group ride and I feel I am falling behind the crew as they have been training together with Coach Kurzawinski indoors and are probably light years ahead of me in terms of cycling. Running, on the other hand...

Great Pic of Bald Eagle taken by my Mom

I have been following Kevin's guidelines for my run training and been cranking up the speed a lot the last few months. I can tell I am hitting new levels of running speed so I am itching to race. As I mentioned in the past, I have been avoiding runs for a number of reasons but I think I am finally turning that corner. My last obstacle was the winter weight I was training at so I said enough is enough and joked about a Biggest Loser program for March. My facebook posting was actually met with interest so we have a number of us working together to improve our waistlines this month.

So far, I have dropped my winter weight and reached my pre-challenge goal so now it is time to keep the momentum rolling to see if I can get down to my ideal race weight by March 31. This gives me plenty of time as I do not plan to run (race) anytime this month but just continue to push the training to put me in a good spot for a PB effort at a few 5k events in mid to late April. Before that, I hope to get in a few road races on the bike with the team. I have been so tied up with other stuff in life so I have neglected my racing schedule so far. I am now just getting organized so I hope I did not leave it too late to get into some of the events I wish to compete in on two wheels.

Well, just thought I better update the blog before I lose all the readers out there. Hope to see everyone out at the races and group runs/rides very soon. Hurry up spring!