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December 22, 2009

Blasts from the Past - Canadian Duathlon Championships

Always on a quest to learn more about the sport I love, I took some time today to look back on some stats and even went deeper into the archives than before. It is really neat to see some of the familiar names (friends, co-competitors, pros, etc.) participating before my days of duathlon. I hooked up the links to the Age Group results for the years I could find (so far...) but if you want to see more (U23, Pro, etc.), I am sure you can follow the path names from the links to get all the awesome results from those years.


Canadian Duathlon Championships

2009 – Cancelled

2008 – Montreal, QC

( )

2007 – Parry Sound, ON

( )

2006 – Hamilton, ON

( )

2005 – Ottawa, ON

( )

2004 – Quebec City, QC

( )

2003 – Calgary, AB

2002 – Calgary, AB

2001 – St.Albert, AB

2000 – Kananaskis Village, AB

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