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November 6, 2009

What to do Next???

Well, I must admit the marathon took a little more out of me than I expected. I knew I was going to be sore for a few days so physically I am where I anticipated. Mentally, I am ready for a break and it may be a little longer than just a few days.

I had planned to run the Ontario XC Championships with the Masters group but there were too many other commitments and I would be rushed around to make the race and then rushed to get to work after. Not an ideal race to be pre-occupied with other thoughts. After the Ontario's, was hoping to run in Guelph at the Nationals XC race at the end of November. This may also have been a poor idea based on work, costs and the post marathon rest.

The race itself is not a huge wallet crunch but the thought of paying the Ontario Masters association the membership fee for the full year to race in one or two events doesn't make sense. I contacted the association to see if the membership went for a full 12 months but, unfortunately, it is strictly January to December of the year you pay. This is because they have to pay into other associations on the members behalf so they all just keep things on a calendar basis. I totally understand and have no beef about this since they communicated this up front. I only found out about Ontario Masters a month or so ago (living in my own little world, i guess) so I could not have paid any earlier to take advantage of more races under their watch. I will be a member in 2010 for sure.

This all being said, I still would love to race at least one XC event this season and thankfully, there is a citizens 5k XC event held the same day as the Canadian Championships on the same track. It is earlier in the morning and you do not need the Masters membership for this, so it fits my needs pretty well.

After that, the Falcons have a few events they frequent in the winter. These include the Terra Cotta Egg Nog Jog and the Boxing Day 10 Miler. Hopefully, these will help me keep the weight down over the course of the holidays and set me up for a solid start to 2010.

Talk soon,

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