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November 11, 2009

2010 Sponsorships - As an Age Grouper is it worth looking?

For the past few years, I have tried to become faster in the multisport game, sometimes with the addition of better equipment/gear. Each fall I have put plans in place to, hopefully, solidify some help for the following season. As an age group athlete in Canada, it appears there is very little interest from suppliers and shops (except Running Free) to help us reduce the expenses we incur on a yearly basis.

Over the course of this three year period, I have purchased several bikes, wheels, shoes, electronics, etc. but have had to settle with used products or lower quality products to stay within my multisport budget.

This off-season, as I look to improve my triathlon bike, I wonder if it is worth placing more sponsorship requests to the bike manufacturers and shops or should I concentrate my time looking on ebay and other web sites for a used ride that will not blow up my pocket book?

I have had very poor responses from the Mississauga area bike shops in the past and most manufacturers put their support in certain shops carrying their products. With most shops in my area having little to do with multisport athletes, it makes a very tough task to obtain assistance.

I hope some of my readers have something to share on this topic. Maybe some tips on creating a proposal that may lead to help from that elusive supplier or shop.

Or you can just tell me to stop my dreaming and be happy with what I have (just in case my wife decides to add her two cents in a comment, HAHA)!

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Jen Coombs-Amaral said...

Hi Larry,

It might very well be possible to receive some kind of support from a bike shop. I would recommend you look for a shop that already supports an "ambassador" program. They usually look for bike sales in return for supporting you (usually by providing you a pro deal or similar discount). This works out particularly well if you work in an industry where you have an influence over people who may be purchasing high end bikes (typically personal trainers and fitness instructors are successful).
As someone who is looking for support in 2010 as well, I can tell you it is definitely a challenge. Good Luck!