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November 18, 2009

Fall Update...

With the busy season behind most of us, it is sometimes tough to keep the blog fresh. Nothing too exciting (except my little guy's 1st birthday!) these days but I will throw down as few bullet points...

-A couple great race reports to read from Clearwater from Bruce Bird (4 parts) and Syd Trefiak. Click their names to visit their sites!

-Took a week and a half off after the marathon. Now my left knee has been acting up since tweaking it on the downhill portion of the marathon. Trying to get ready, and faster, for Guelph 5k XC (Nov 28) and Egg Nog Jog (Dec 13) but have to be very careful.

-Set up my first massage appointment since switching jobs. My legs need a good treatment session. Had a nice sports clinic downtown TO but it is much too far to visit now that I work in Meadowvale.

-Had a little spell in the pool last Thursday and had to leave practice half way through. Second time I have not been very clear in that pool. Not sure what happened but was dizzy and nauseous for most of the night when I got home. Felt 100% the next morning. Been back in the water at another pool twice this week and felt fine (even broke 1:40 for 100m for my first time during one of the intervals, wahoo!). Hope it is not the pool in Brampton that is giving me issues as that is my big session with Hans and FMCT.

-Had a fun run with the Falcons on Sunday to tour the Egg Nog Jog course. Man, this is a tough course and will require some strategic pace changes to hit my secret goal!

-Had a fantastic email from Jeremy at Running Free sent to me the other day. My application for team status has been submitted so I will cross my fingers. I really missed their support last season, but that was my (silly) choice.

Last, but not least...

Don't forget to visit the websites of our local pros. They have all kinds of great articles and tips throughout their postings. I know it has helped me since I started to follow along. Follow the links below to visit their sites...

Tyler Lord

Jen Coombs

James Loaring

Well, that is it for this post. I hope everyone is staying motivated and healthy!


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