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November 26, 2009

Rolling with the Mill

Today I had my most feared running workout planned but I had to wait until later in the night due to other committments. Most of the time hitting the road would not be a big deal but I do not like running the track in the dark for some reason, plus it was cold. Instead of venturing into the near freezing night, I headed to the gym to use the treadmill to complete my 5 x 2k workout.

The one aspect that make this tougher on the mill is the darn imperial measurements on the machine. I had to revisit math class before I went just to make sure I picked the proper MPH rate to hit my target of 3:30/km pace.

After completing my homework assignment, I figured that I would (and I may be wrong) have to run at 10.7 MPH for 7 minutes to get a 2km interval at the pace I needed. I don't usually crank up the machine that high so I made it work tonight.

I started off with a 15 minute warmup run with a touch of slope before ramping up the speed for my first interval. I opted to take the slope out of the speed portion of my run as I have only done this workout a few times before (on the track) with very little success.

Thankfully, I made it through all 5 reps (with 90 second breaks between 2k bursts). I was tired by the end of the workout and was very happy to see the last one hit the 7 minute mark that is for sure.

I realize this is totally different than the actual track so I am not getting super excited about finishing this workout at that speed I but I did leave the gym with a great sense of satisfaction knowing I did not give up or modify the workout to a lower speed when the time seemed to stand still during the final intervals.

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