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November 25, 2009

Sugar Craving and Music

With a possible 5k XC race this weekend, my body is not cooperating and my sugar tooth is taking over. I have been putting in some decent fall hours on the bike and runs but all my crazy cravings are killing my attempted weight freeze. Last year, I entered the spring season 10 to 15 pounds above the ideal zone for me and it took a good portion of May and June to get things down to an effective racing weight. I really wanted to avoid the yo-yo effect this off-season but my silly binge eating is beating me once again.

On to a more uplifting message...

So far my music reco's have not really shown my true love of Canadian Music. I would estimate 80% of the music I own comes from Canadian Artists and I would proudly tell my friends to support the great talent our country has produced in the last few decades.

With that in mind, my top pick comes from GTA band, Metric. They have produced a number of great, up beat tracks but from their Myspace page (a great place to test the music before making the investment), I would point you toward "Gimme Sympathy". Once you dig into their catalogue check out "Poster of a Girl", "Dead Disco", "Combat Baby", etc., etc. Emily's vocals on the recordings are super energetic.

As a bonus, check out Stars, an amazing melodic band from Montreal.

"Take me to the Riot" and the "Night Starts Here" are two awesome tracks suitable for the cool down of your workout.

The bands I have focused on so far may indicate a soft side to my music appreciation so I better show off my heavier side the next time out. Maybe some Alexisonfire, Finger Eleven, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, etc. for some gems that are perfect body movers but not as main stream.


Syd Trefiak said...

Dude, it's called an off season! Ever heard of that concept?:>> Your going to burn out if you try and keep that up.


I know, problem is my stomach thinks every day is the off season. I have to keep the burn up or I will be 220lbs again. HAHA

Syd Trefiak said...

Long slow in the off season. Not those hard workouts! My schedule goes out the window, and I do what I want. Until Jan.

Robbie-T Runs. said...

I hear yah about those binges, I get in the candy binges too