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July 3, 2009

Peterborough Race Weekend

Although, I will not be participating this year, I am working with my family to see if we can make a trip down to cheer on some friends. I actually just read that this is a World Qualifyer for the Long Course Duathlon. Once again, a little disappointed in the amount of advance warning we get from Triathlon Canada as that may have changed my schedule if I knew this earlier. I know this was not on their calendar for very long as I have been checking it very regularly. Oh well, saves me some money...

My coach, Syd Trefiak, will be guiding a visually impaired triathlete so I would like to go lend my support to their great athletic accomplishment in the 1/2 IM distance. Also, Tom and Kevin (training pals of mine) will likely be down as they make this race one of their must do family weekends. I am also sure to bump into some fellow Du'ers as they complete the sprints or 1/2 IM distance themselves. I know Mark Keating will be in the starting line up. Bruce Bird is rumoured to be in the long course triathlon field so it will be interesting to watch his amazing talents out on the course.

I have been ramping up for Gravenhurst so things have been all about hills and speed work. Hope to hit the track today for a nice 5 x 2k session so we will see how that goes. I hope the legs and lungs are up for the challenge.

Good luck to everyone in Peterborough! I will give all you a nice cheer as you pass by on the runs!

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