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July 14, 2009

FMCT TT (Mid Season Race)

In my first year with FMCT I have been very active in their Monday night TT's. It is a great, very tough 12k workout. We all have someone that is pushing us hard and the fear of being caught from behind and the desire to catch the person ahead really gets the heart pumping. I have been lucky enough to put up some solid times (for my ability) but the regular training outside of TT has been slowing my times down since the start of the season. Need some fresh legs if I want to hold off Coach Rob. Damn is he a machine even with our weekly, windy conditions. Great racing all you Falcons!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Larry! Have a great race on Saturday. Sounds like you are in great form and no bad knee to slow you down this year. I'm not racing, but hopefully see you after the race.



Thanks Ross! I feel pretty good about the event this weekend. Just tough to know who will show so it is hard to set goals for the ending position. I know deep inside where I would like to be but I am sure there will be at least 3 Elite racers so that does not leave much room for top 5. HAHA
I hate to hear that you are still not racing. I assume that the injury is keeping you away? Will you be up in Gravenhurst for the race weekend? Do you have a return race in mind? Hopefully, soon as we miss your speed in the races!
Talk soon,