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July 7, 2009

Weekend Wrap

Instead of racing this weekend I decided it would be better to train and spend time with the family. After watching the Peterborough 1/2IM, and the pain involved, I am pretty sure I made the right choice.

We drove up to the Kawartha's on Saturday, with a visit to the Zoo for the kids (and myself-the big kid) along the way, and then settled nicely into a hotel within walking distance of the race site. What a lucky find to have a room left that close to the park. The bonus was that they had a pool that kept us busy for the night. Once the family went to bed it was time for a nice long, tempo run along restaurant row in Peterborough. The run felt so good that I kept on going into the dark country side over to Hwy7. Not too many cars on this road so I was able to run the shoulder of the road and keep a quick pace.

On Sunday, the family got fueled up at the hotel breakfast and then packed the car to head over to the park. When we arrived the Sprint leaders were just going through so we watch a bunch of the mid pack runners make their way around the 5k course. I met up with Andrew (FMCT member) and, as we stood and chatted, the pace car came back with the 1/2IM riders in tow. I did not recognize the leader (he was in the relay) but Bruce was second into transition and leading the triathlon. Tyler Lord was right on his tail followed closely by a bunch of other solid triathletes that would be tough to hold back on the run. Unfortunately, Bruce was not able to keep the lead as Bruno Lafontaine ended up hittign the tape first but I was really impressed with Mr. Bird's 6th place finish in his first year of swimming.

I saw a lot of friedns and fellow competitors on the course and many of them had great days. Big congrats goes out to Syd for guiding Ryan to a very impressive finish in their first race together. It is always so cool to see someone overcome the obstacles in their life and achieve their goals. Tom and Kevin each took a ton of time off their results from 2008. Paul B. won the AquaBike race with some very quick splits! Mark Keating hit top 10 in the 1/2IM Duathlon. Patrick B. had a very solid race and ended up 16th overall. Peter H (another FMCT member) had the whole family out cheering on his great result! Laura and Natalie (FMCT'ers) were both 3rd in the AG in the AquaBike!

On the sprint du side I saw that most of the du'ers decided to keep it short with defending champion, Jason Lacombe, slightly winning over David Frake (who eventually DQ'd) and Tommy Ferris. This, on paper, looked like a very close race and puts the heat on me to have a huge day in Gravenhurst. I saw Tommy standing at the awards but it was so load (and my daughter was excited about going to the playground) that I would not have been able to talk so I will introduce mtself at our next race. Great racing Tommy!

As usual, I could chat all day about multisport but should end this post to get back to work. Just thought I would send out some very deserving congrats to all that raced on the weekend! It was tough to be there on the sidelines but I had a lot of fun following the races and cheering you all on! Plus I got in some swimming lessons so the wheels are in motion for tri's next year...

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