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July 27, 2009

More soggy training...but that is OK!

I think everyone has felt the effects of our horrible summer weather of late. It may be unpredictable and wet for the most part, but training must continue, especially with the foods I have been eating after the Provincials. I think a lot of stress and pressure had built up and now the release is in the form of a sweet tooth.

This past weekend was very bad in particular so I had to spend some extra time on the bike and in the runners to burn off all the junk. With a few weeks between duathlons I have a little time to get back into form. Funny thing is that I have actaully dropped a few pounds??

On Saturday I headed out for a 2 hour ride. I knew I was in for some stormy weather so I took my slower cross bike with some tread. Great call as I was slipping making my way up the hills in Milton even with those tires. I really pounded the pedals on this ride and felt great about the ride, as soaked as I was when I returned home. At night, it kept on raining so I just kept things indoors and worked the core and upper body for an hour.

Sunday was starting out slow in the city so we packed up the kids and headed to the country to visit the inlaws. The weather was much of the same, although the lightning was a little closer. I headed out for a mid after noon run. It took about 5k to get moving due to a few extra slices of pizza at lunch but eventually I got up to pace and had a great 20k run on the super hilly back roads. With all the rain the gravel roads were very spongy and made some of the run feel like quick sand. Not going to complain as it was a perfect strength run. We stuck around for supper as well so by the time we arrived back in Mississauga, it was close to bed time for the kids. As free time became available, I didn't really feel like taking the bike out in the wet again (too much work cleaning up afterward) so I put in another core workout.

Tonight is TT night with FMCT and the forecast is looking good which is nice as I do not like to roll out the tri bike in the rain too often. Was going to run at lunch but may need to save them for the TT. My times have been going in the wrong direction as the summer wears on so I would like to break that trend tonight. Under 17 minutes (12k) would be very nice.

Pics from Gravenhurst-

Happy training!

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