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July 10, 2009

We are only a part of something much bigger...

Actually, I was going to get a little deeper but decided this is not the forum and maybe some things should remain inside. I had some good material from my run last night and still wanted to post some quick hits that I thought about while running freely last night as my mind wandered...

1. Don't take your life for granted and work hard for the things you really want.

2. There is something inside us that is more powerful than anyone can imagine. We have gifts of strength, spirit and mind that we can sometimes tap into to perform remarkable acts. The trick is to dig deep enough inside to find them.

3. You can overcome any obstacle if you really want to. Many of us just don't want to.

4. Something else has to be out there. Look up at the sky at night and find it. It may not be want you think it is.

5. It is amazing how many times your instincts are correct.

6. Don't always block out the things that annoy you. Pay attention to all the details and you will be a lot wiser in the end.

7. Are some people unlucky or have they just been picked to conquer bigger challenges.

8. Resources come in all sorts and sizes and need to be properly developed to be correctly utilized in the future.

9. Is where you go after where you want to go or where you deserve to go?

10. If you want to learn more always ask Why...

11. IS there a wrong answer to the question "Who am I?"?

This list may be just a bunch of ramblings to most but it is nice to open your mind occassionally.

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