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July 13, 2009

Count Down Is On

Well here it is, Monday of the big race. I think I have put in some really honest work getting ready for this event. Obviously, you can only expect to improve by so much for each test but I am certain the extra training will pay off.

The run portion is my main focus leading up to a possible trip to the worlds in Septemeber and all indications are that I am making progress. With the hills we will encounter, I have to remember not to get too discouraged looking down at the watch. The pace will be slower than I would expect for the distances but everyone has to compete over the same terrain. Not being able to pace by watch, I am going to have to pick some athletes I know and pace with them. Some of the elites, if they show up, will be too quick and I must stay out of that mix or I will burn out (similar to the 2007 Nationals when we blistered through the first 5k of 10k run before I realized the pace was too quick).

I have some big goals for myself for overall position (minus the elites) but I will keep that a secret for now. Now it is time for two more solid work outs (TT tonight with FMCT and track session tomorrow) and then shut it down for a few days to rest up.

Wish me luck!

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