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January 18, 2010

Building it up brick by brick.

Lately, it has been tough to slide in two workouts per day due to a number of things going on right now. Nothing bad, just a lot of real work and family stuff that needs to be priority.

That being said, I have gone back to a recommendation from a brief conversation I had with a very highly ranked Ironman. I asked him what should I really focus on to run better off the bike.

He said that I needed to lay down more than just one brick workout per week, if I wanted to be a solid runner off the bike. He also mentioned that even a 5 to 10 minute race pace run right after a cycling session can be helpful so it doesn't always need to be a full run in the brick. This can be a long enough effort to get the legs use to coming off the bike in a tri of du situation.

To get some workouts in from all three sporting elements the last week, I have had to go back to this philosophy and put in a few more bricks than usual as the night seems to be the only available training time. This is not a bad thing as I really enjoy the brick workout. I was not riding the bike as much as I should have been due to the running races and the weather in December so it is good to find the motivation to ride, even on the trainer. Now I just have to increase the attention span to go past that 1 hour ride barrier. 

As for the runs off the bike, they have been the best runs after a bike session since I started multisport training. I usually put down a 10k run after the bike workout and they have been very strong with decent form (I have never been a pretty runner to watch) so I am very happy with the progress since the fall when I seemed to have found the next gear. Luckily, there are many more gears to find so I just need to keep up the running and wait for the track sessions to begin.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the start to 2010!

Talk soon,


Syd Trefiak said...

HMM. Not bad advise. Not necesariy practical to the average AG'er. If you are time crunched it is a good way to get a run and bike in the same day. Beauty is you don't need to warm-up for the run.

There are a few different schools of thought on the matter. Some say lots of bricks, some say very few. I hover in the middle. If I get a solid brick in once a month I am happy. I used to do them once a week or more, but stopped on advise of another coach. I haven't seen a major difference in my ability to run off of the bike.

To each their own though.


I agree Syd. Everyone is so different from each other. I guess that is what makes coaching so challenging. It would be too easy if there was a proven formula.