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January 11, 2010

Working out of Calgary for a few days...

Work has sent me off to Calgary for a few days so I am trying to make use of the facilities here at the hotel. Thankfully, the weather is a lot warmer out here than back in Mississauga so I should be able to run confortably outside a few times.

For the indoor workouts, the gym is not too bad and pretty much what you expect to get in most places these days but the pool was a disappointment as it is set up more for families. It has a big winding slide and a splash pad. The pool is not too big and it is very oddly shaped so not useful for completing any laps. Booo.

I do need to get some real work done while I am in town so I guess the swimming will have to wait until I geet back to the GTA.

Take care,


Jen said...

Hi Larry,

Check out the Talisman Centre! A little expensive to get in but the pool is totally worth it!



Darn, I didn't get a chance to read your pool suggestion until I came back from my "nature" run. It started off very slippery with lots of black ice. Found this trail high up along this river bank and during this 8k loop I ran into 4 deer, 2 porcupine, 1 fox and 1 coyote. The deer and p-pine were so close I basically ran right beside them as they just watched. That made up for the one fall. HAHA Flew back early this AM so didn't get a chance to look for the Talisman Centre. I should have posted earlier, before my trip, as I would have made a trip over on Monday or Tuesday to check it out.

Thanks for the thoughtful message!