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January 19, 2010

2010 Ontario Duathlon Championships???

OK - I know some of you folks are in the know (wink, wink) so I am posting this question.

When and where will the 2010 Ontario Du Championships take place?

I find it very ridiculous that this event has not been posted to date. I am sure there are triathlon dates not posted as well but I have not looked (I am not ready for that competition, yet).

How hard is it to plan ahead and have this set up, or at least keep the website current (it is 2010 after all). Surely, many of the OAT folks realize that serious athletes start building their calendars before the new year and plan out their year based on the Subaru, Somersault, HSBC, etc. schedules.

I actually posed the question to OAT in very early December and was told that it would be announced soon. Well, "soon" has passed and I have not seen a posting on the OAT website or the HSBC website (rumour was that they have the place and date due to a two year agreement with OAT and this is the second year)

Wonder why some top athletes don't show up for these events? Probably because they already set their schedule and cannot switch it up to make them fit. I recently registered for an Ironman 70.3 event so that will be a focus for several weeks around the date of that event. My luck will be that the Ont. Championship will fall in that time period and I will not be able to compete but if I waited any longer I would have been out of luck as the Ironman events fill very early (in most cases).

I know I am never going to be a popular person with our governing bodies but the athletes need a voice and deserve value for the money they pay for these memberships.

Thank you,

Larry Bradley

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Blakeys said...

Right on!! Iagree entirely Jerry Attrick A.K.A.