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October 26, 2009

Taper Week + Halloween Week = Certain Weight Gain

By nature, I have very weak will power to avoid junk food. When it comes to sugar coated treats, the battle is even tougher for my healthy conscious to claim victory.

I guess I was not looking at the whole picture when I signed up for the Hamilton Marathon, that is to be run on November 1st (one day after the trick or treat celebrations). When I committed to this race, I was just going with the flow of my FMCT teammates and thought a fall marathon would be a solid goal to keep the motivation levels up during the fall. Problem - I did not take the October 31st "Holiday" into consideration.

As a parent, the ability to avoid this date is not an option. There is no chance of keeping a three year old away from this annual sugar binge and the candy and chocolate that hangs around the house is way too convenient (and yummy!) to walk past.

I know, I should be stronger and resist but when you have the garbage food appetite that I have it is virtually impossible to do the right thing. I was not a 220 pound eating machine a few years back because I enjoyed being fat. There is something deep inside that craves sugar on a constant basis and in mass quantities.

My legendary (in my own mind) feats of over indulgence have been well documented. Multiple pancake eating competition victories, cake demolition parties, donuts by the dozen eating sessions, late night butter tart raids, etc., etc., etc.

Now as an person that works out for several hours a week, I sometimes feel I am above the "Calorie Law" and can maintain my weight even after consuming several thousands of empty calories. It is a bad habit that I must break, especially this week, if I want any chance of running to my goal time in the marathon.

For my sake, please hand out healthy snacks if you see me knocking at your door this weekend!

Happy Halloween!


real estate agent from Vancouver said...

Hi. I have the same problem, especially with chocolate stuff. And during this period of the year - Halloween and Christmas, the situation is the worst. There was also time when I was counting calories but without any good results. My will was too weak. Fortunately, recently there is my wife who helps me and try to cook healthy. But from time to time I can't avoid to eat all accessible chocolate in the house.

Good luck,

Anne said...

We hand out pencils

omar353 said...

hey larry, good luck in the marathon this weekend!



Jay - too much math involved for me to count calories. A serving size is a sampler for me so I would really have to brush up on my 4 and 5 times tables. I am pretty sure the food on my plate has never been the size of my fist. HAHA
Make sure you take advantage of all the healthy cooking!
Thanks for reading my blog!

Anne - you are always way ahead of the game! Thank you for leading the way with your responsible lifestyle!

Omar - I will try to look as smooth as you out on that run! Thank you very much for the luck. I will need it! BTW - when is your site going to be rolling?

Have a great Halloween everyone!