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October 6, 2009

Longest Long Runs Done...Until Race Day

I was starting to get worried that I would miss my long run this week, which could have talked me out of the Hamilton Marathon. I would hate to run a race of this distance at a quick pace (relative to my running ability!)without a 30k plus run in training.

With work being very busy and a couple sick kids (nothing major but more attention required at night), in the mix of late, I was finding time very limited this past weekend. Finding time during the week for a 2 1/2 hour run can be very tough given my schedule so I knew I was going to have to give up some sleep one day and run even more later than the norm. Thankfully, things got done earlier than usual last night and I hit the streets at 10:30pm.

Finding 30k at night can be tricky in the city without having to stop at all the lights so I just let them determine my path and made my turns each time I came to a red light. It ended up working really well and I put in a decent run in a very relaxed manner.

I did not go out as fast as the last effort with Marko and Brian and wanted to keep it much slower than usual due to the lack of sleep and other stresses in life. I just wanted to make sure I put in the full mileage as long as I kept the pace below 5:00/km. This made the run very fun and enjoyable and I could have added many extra kilometres, if the program called for them.

It was exactly what I needed in a long run and I am now confident in my fitness for the entire 42.2 in a few weeks.

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