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October 1, 2009

The Long Run - Streetsville

Hi All,

I received an email yesterday with a flyer regarding a big sale on running gear. The title caught my attention, after I had checked out some of the prices. I sort of felt bad about wanting to take advantage of these prices as the header read "Bankruptcy - Sale on Now".

This comes as a huge surprise as I always thought The Long Run store had a big following and it even has a few groups running out of the location for their meeting place. Streetsville may not be the biggest shopping destination in the GTA but there is usually a good size crowd marching up and down the streets come the weekend.

I have purchased quite a few items from Steve over the past few years, since moving to the area, and I always looked for his tent first at the triathlon events, if I was in need of some last minute gear or nutrition.

I guess I feel like taking the gear at a huge reduction now is like rubbing some salt in the wound. Although, if we all make purchases it may help reduce his debt load to the creditors or suppliers he will have to settle up with.

Now the question is - to get a deal or not?

Either way,it is a sad day for another one of our sport's small businesses!


Anonymous said...

Sad to read about this.
Steven Keating is a big supporter of the running and tri community and has a wealth of knowledge. He is also the coach for Canadian marathoner Giitah Macharia. I wish him well with whatever he does next



I second that. I wish him all the best and have a good feeling he will land on his running shoes sooner than later!

Dave said...

I run with the club occasionaly and the sales is not what you think

Steve is well and is thinking of opening a new store

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