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September 25, 2009

XC - It's time to get dirty!

Disclaimer - I am not sponsored by Brooks, they just make great stuff and their warehouse is super close to me so I visit very frequently!

With the fall comes a focus on running and this year I hope to get back to my high school roots with a few XC races on the Masters Series. I will also be aiming to go sub 3 at the Hamilton Marathon, if things start looking up for my training. I should be OK but I spent a lot of time in the past month getting my swim up and running.

As for the XC, I needed a pair of cleats for the season and knew that Brooks had several options in the store at very reasonable prices. With the race season being so short it is hard to justify spending a ton on shoes that are going to get beat up pretty bad.

If you do not mind wearing last season's colours, than head to the back of the store where they have a bunch of cleats in a bunch of different models, including some very recent styles. For $49.99 you can not go wrong with a solid pair of cleats that you will use maybe a dozen times. I still train in my normal shoes but race in the cleats.

The Brooks Mach 9 (the ones I got!!!!)

Also, they have a huge selection of discounted tops (short and long sleeve) and shorts that are ideal for getting messy. You know you will get muddy, wet and chilly at this sport so these prices allow you to run free without worrying about destroying your nice tech gear.

Anyway, just thought I would pass this along to all my readers in the GTA. The warehouse is on the north side of Britannia at Mavis in Mississauga. It is called Athletic Locker Room and has a bunch of huge photos of soccer, running, etc. on the outside of the building.

Happy shopping!

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