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September 16, 2009

10 Non-Tri Questions with Simon Whitfield

When I set up a poll (LINK TO POLL) a few weeks ago, I mentioned that the person brought up the most in the answers would be a possible interview subject for my blog. Well, since my blog is not all that popular, yet, I only received one answer (thanks Bruce!).

Sticking to my word, I sent Bruce's favorite triathlete a quick email interview and here are my Q's and the A's from Mr. Whitfield. I must mention that Simon responded to my email with full answers in less than 1 day, building on his reputation as one of the most classy professional athletes ever!

1. Where is your favourite place in the world to relax for a week?

home home home, with my daughter and Jennie.

2. What is your favourite hobby outside of the sport?

guitar. i'm terrible, it's humbling!

3. What is the one food you cannot resist? How often do you actually get to enjoy it?

is beer a food, once a week in season, ok maybe twice.

4. What do you think you would be doing as a career if you did not have athletic success?

never considered it. something competitive and creative. marketing?

5. Do you enjoy wine (in moderation and in the off-season)? If so, what varietal do you enjoy?

yes, I've been fortunate enough to enjoy some really nice wines while in Tuscany with a bunch of wino's.

6. Who, outside of sports figures, do you respect the most (current or historic)? What did they do to capture your attention?

Jim Cuddy lead singer Blue Rodeo and Barney Bental. cool dudes, driven, compassionate, funny as hell, incredible relationships with their kids and their wives. astounding musicians

7. I am sure you always get questions about your sport but is there a topic of conversation outside of athletics that you are very passionate about?

now, music. loving this challenge around learning the guitar.

local issues, sustainability, sewage treatment (VICTORIA DON'T BUILD THE TREATMENT PLANTS).

8. How many break away attempts would it take you to score a goal on Martin Brodeur?

one. 5 hole.

9. What song is your secret guilty pleasure? Or was until this became public…

while others are listening to high tempo pump up music I'm listening to Iron and Wine and Bon Iver......

10. Did you have to practice your autograph when people started to recognize you for your achievements?

rubber stamp....


Bruce Bird said...

Thanks Larry.

Anne said...

Oh sorry I didn't a reader via SW site. Although I am sure we have raced in the same races as you..I am a woman so you would not take notice of me as much as I would not take of you.haha

Very intrested into your transition as a top duel into the swim as I am slowly attmepting the same.