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September 11, 2009

Busy day at the pool

So I am convinced I will not be able to do this sport without proper coaching. Most of the other sports in my life, I have made up for lack of technique with hard work and lots of practice. Swimming is not so easy.

I have pushed myself into the pool earlier than expected as I want to race once more this season but feel my duathlon spirit will not let me enjoy a race at a nice pace (I expect to finish up the results page everytime I run/bike/run). Picking a late summer triathlon allows me to race without the pressure of top 3 expectations. The problem is that I have been swimming by myself trying to prepare for a 600 metre swim, in a respectable time (aka faster than my breast stroke in last years Welland Triathlon), but probably picking up many bad habits along the way.

Hopefully, this old dog can learn a new swimming form once the fall sets in and I get some proper lessons.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pic Lar,,,,,,Ma