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September 2, 2009

A Quick Poll - Who is the most personable pro triathlete you know?

We are very fortunate that the sport of triathlon has so many excellent role models. My experiences in other pro sports have not always left the same impression so I enjoy reading stories about your encounters with the top triathletes.

Leave me a comment with a vote for your triathlon "hero", along with a quick story why you selected that person. I will try to write a piece on the athlete that receives the most votes submitted by Sept 15th.

Don't be shy and vote today!


Bruce Bird said...

How can you beat the hat throw down in Beijing by Simon, that's personality. Points also have to go out to Colin Jenkins for bringing up the rear and cheering.


Good call Bruce! Simon is not only our greatest olympic triathlete but an unbelievable ambassador for the sport. I have not met or raced against Colin but he seems to be a class act as well.

OK, Bruce has started it off. Let's hear some more!
Thank you,