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August 23, 2009

Off to California for the Week - work related...

So I fly out tomorrow AM for Sonoma, California for a week long training session. I usually keep myself on eastern time so that I can get up at my usual time (which is 3 hours ahead of the locals) and get a bunch of training in before the rest of the crew get rolling. Works like a charm!

Anyway, as I have pointed out, I will be swimming in the future so I might as well make use of the pool at the hotel and try to get into a late season race for kicks. If anyone has any pointers for this land lover, that I can practice (real training to start in the fall when I fully get organized about the swim) in a hotel pool, it would be greatly appreciated!

The triathlon I am thinking of is only 600 metres in the water. I have no breathing patterns yet so I need to work on getting in enough O2 during a swim. Also, I swam last month in a lake and 100 metres tired me out in free style mode so I need to improve on that as I do not want to breast stroke this attempt.

My goal for the race is to get through with free style in a calm manner (which should get me out of the water a lot quicker than my breast stroke effort last year) and then I will let my bike and feet get me into a nice finishing position. Last year, I did the Welland Tri on a dare and I was super slow in the water and only able to maintain freestyle for 50 metres. I did not swim before that race once (that is once in the past 20 years) and just wanted to say I finished a tri. Well I finished in a decent position because I rode hard and ran well but I was the 20th last person out of the water and would like to get at least mid pack.

I love to dream and you just never know what you can do unless you strive for more.

I hope to keep you posted on my progress in the water!



Anonymous said...

good luck with your training

I would suggest that you get a hold of a "pull Bouy" and have a tri friend show you how it is used

it will keep your skinny butt and feet high in the water just like your wet suit will and build arm endurance and reduce drag

Tommy Ferris said...

going back years ago to my triathlon days, i remember the first race that i was able to get through the entire swim distance freestyle. i felt exhilarated coming out of the water.

keep up your swimming!


AnonMARkous - or maybe I am way off. HAHA

I like the sounds of that drill!I did about 400metres tonight in the pool when i finally got to the hotel. Only 6 hours late!! Thanks, as usual, Air Canada! Anyway, really need to learn to breath properly or i am going to be shark chum.

Thanks for the tips and support Tommy and Masked Person!