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August 8, 2009

Niagara (Grimsby) Sprint Du

Tomorrow morning is the third last duathlon on the Subaru series. I did not plan to race this but my ever growing supportive wife has given me a pass to race. Even though the weather is currently not too promising, I cannot resist.

I admit, I usually go into races a little more prepared and watch my diet a bit more than these last two weeks so I hope the extra pound or two do not mentally trick me into a sub par performance. This race usually is fast and brings out some decent talent. I am not aiming for the win but would like to hit the top three overall and need a solid run to achieve this.

I have been working a lot on my speed of late, especially the 10k distance, so I hope I can use these tough workouts to blast through the last 7k run in a pb for this course. Last year, I had David Moore right beside me the entire race (our bike split was actually identical after a super close first 2k run) so we hit the 7k run neck and neck. I managed a little better on the run thanks to the pressure he appplied and beat him be a very narrow 10 seconds. I hope, if some one is close in the front or back of me, that I can dig deep like last year. I haven't felt that fluid final run since our opening race and I know it is more mental toughness than talent.

Here is hoping for clear weather! By the looks of it right now (midnight), I would bet the hill will be eliminated again this year due to safety of the downhill portion. That makes for a very speedy and flat 25k sprint cycle.

See you all there!

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