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August 17, 2009

FMCT Hilly TT (8km)

I don't usually post the results of our club's weekly TT but, in the past, I have mentioned the great benefit I have received from being able to participate. This is my rookie year with Fletchers Meadow Cross Trainers so my first season of organized time trials as part of my training schedule. With these amazing sessions, my bike splits have been very strong this season and continue to be up in the top percentage of athletes at most Subaru races.

On Sunday, FMCT's held their annual "Hilly TT" as part of the TT race schedule. It is an extra time trial thrown in to test our speed up a pretty tough 8km climb on Mississauga Road, just north of Terra Cotta. After driving up the course and biking back down to the send off line, I could tell the first 2km were going to be the most severe and I knew I had to get spinning right out of the gate to pick up some speed. After that, the course gradually inclines but you can pick up the pace during some of the flatter sections in between the steps.

Thirteen club members hit the starting line on a near perfect summer morning to challenge their legs against the escarpement. Many of the TT regulars were out for this extra ride, many of us coming off solid rides the previous day so the pain was going to be felt early in the ride.

For this TT, we were sent off in 30 second intervals and I was positioned to leave second last, right in front of Rob (our top TT cyclist) so I knew the pressure would be on me to hold him off sooner than our usual Monday night TT. As my countdown hit zero, I quickly clipped in and fired out of the gate. I was feeling much stronger than expected right away and had to grab some tougher gears in the big ring as the excitment got my legs charged up.

Rapidly, I made my way up the hill. I knew I was rolling well and could see the gap closing on Brian and Peter, who were both sent off before me. Just after the reaching the summit of the main 2km climb, I hammered the gears down again and got up to cruising speed. Peter was having issues trying to get back up to the big ring so I flew past him. He was actually sent out 1 minute (2 people) before me so I could see the effects of the mechanical problem he was having.

My legs continued to get stronger as the ride moved along the course and I had picked up some crazy momentum that I was not expecting that I used to make the next climbs seem a lot easier than anticipated. Looking down at my average speed I could tell I was zipping along very quickly as I had seen some previous results from the past few years. This motivated me even more and I was picking my way through a large portion of my fellow Falcons. I didn't want to show off but when I train it is usually my brain thinking about a time not trying to show up the other athletes.

At around the 6k mark I could tell the adrenaline was starting to fade and I couldn't wait to hit the finish line. Thankfully, the short distance to the end of the ride was only a few minutes away, at this rate of speed, so I put my head down and cranked on the pedals trying to get there in the shortest time possible.

This effort resulted in a very fast time as I was able to take first place in the Hilly TT, hitting the line in a new course record. This was a thrill for me as the quality of cycling in our club is very high. It is another indication that my training efforts are working and positive re-enforcement that I can raise the bar even more in the future.

I would also like to mention that during the TT, our group also made our way past several other riders who were not from our club but out to enjoy the great terrain the area offers. Among them were fellow multisport bloggers Tyler Lord and Jen Coombs. After our group hit the finish line we traveled another kilometre down to the tiny village of Belfoutain, to a coffee shop very popolar with cyclists and motocyclist looking for a pitstop during their rides. Tyler, Jen and a friend were out for a very long ride (by my standards) and had taken the opportunity to fuel up at the coffee house. As all the cyclists mingled and relaxed outside, soaking up the beautiful morning, I had a great chance to talk to the two pro athletes and grab some very helpful tips from Tyler to help with my running. I really appreciate the friendly attitude of these two top triathletes and thank them for being so down to earth and supportive!


Here are the results -

Mississauga Road
TIMERS-Nathalie B & Terry

WIND- SW 7km

Laura -- 28.8 -- 1
Val -- 24.8 -- 2

Larry -- 32.3 -- 1
Brian -- 30.1 -- 2
Rob -- 29.5 -- 3
Colin -- 28.1 - 4
Peter H -- 26.7 -- 5
Jim -- 26.4 -- 6
Nick -- 26.1 -- 7
Dave -- 26 -- 8
Bill -- 25.5 -- 9
Peter V -- 22.1 -- 10
Jeff -- DNF(Flat) -- 11

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