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June 11, 2009

Time to Taper...

From the blogs I have been reading of late, the posts I love the most are those with the pros training logs. Although, I do not have as much time in the day as some of the pros to train or have the amazing splits they hammer out, I hope someone finds my training log interesting...

Monday - the weather at lunch was aweful so I headed to the gym to hit the tready. Ran a relaxed 10k in 45 minutes at an incline. Didn't want to go too hard with TT at night. After work, drove up to north Brampton for the TT with our FMCT group. It was very windy and I did not use it to my advantage out of the gates. Couldn't make up the time on the way home as we were now into the wind. Still clocked 17:40 for a 40.8 km/h average. Not great so decided to stay on the bike and ride hard for another 23k. That would get me home in lots of time to help get the kids to bed.
Tuesday - my body was tired and I could not muster much at lunch so just went for a quick 15k ride on the bike to the cycling shop. They did not have the part for my QR so it was a short visit. At night, just did some home work outs on abs and upper body to give my legs a break. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body and this was one of those times where there would be very little benefit of pushing out a run or bike workout.
Wednesday - rode 30k to work on the cross bike with weight (back pack). Had a lot of traffic lights to stop at so the flow was bad but tempo was good while I was pedalling. At lunch, went out for a interval session around Lake Aquataine. 3k warmup followed by 5 X 1k reps with 2 min breaks between. The lake trail is around 1.4 k so my 1 k and 2 minute slow run was close to a full lap. Bad part for my times was that the wind was against me in my race pace. Also the uphill portion was in my 1k zone and the downhill was in my rest. Oh well, better to work hard than look for the easy routes.

Thursday - I really need to rest my legs as much as possible for a few days to let them rebuild and energize for the long race. At lunch I will go to the gym to stretch and work lightly on core and upper body. At night, I will do some transition training just to make my shoe entry smoother. This method is new to me for 2009 and, even though it has saved me transition time, it has cost me some time and power on the bike.
Friday - total rest day...
Saturday - more rest and checking out the course in Muskoka. Also cheering on the sprinters in the triathlon.
Sunday - RACE DAY.

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