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June 27, 2009

Mega Training Day with FMCT

This Saturday my club held its annual Mega Day created by Coach Rob McCue. The day consists of a 5k run, 15k ride, 3k run, 15k ride, 3k run, 15k ride and 5k run.

This proved to be a killer session in the nice, warm weather. I took the first 5k out pretty quick but ended up giving back a lot of time as I selected the road bike while others wisely pulled out the Tri bikes. The wind on the back section killed my legs and drove down my cycling speed average to normal stats, even though the effort was there.

Really tried to concentrate on each run and keep them close to 4:10 km splits. Did hit this many times but the hills on the runs made their statements as well.

Overall, great day of training with the team. In the morning, I rode up 25k to get to the site so that was my first leg burner for the day as I did not calculate the distance and would have been late if I continued to cruise up to Terra Cotta in the mid 20's.

After the workout we had a BBQ, with some of the families also joining us, and tons of food and lots of liquids. The event was an incredible way to start the weekend and was organized very, very well.

Great work Rob and FMCT!

Of note - Brian and Rob killed the course and left me in the dust proving I need to get my cycling legs back into shape!!!

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Jairus Streight said...

I think I have the photo you need for your inspiration file..

cheers, jairus