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June 16, 2009

Quick Update - midweek round up

Well, it has been a very busy few days. The weekend went very good and I was able to come away with my first win in a duathlon. It was the race I trained to hopefully win this year and, even with a slow final run, I was able to hold off some guys that gave me a few scares over the course of the race. I will post a full race report very soon.

One thing I took away from the weekend. I want to be faster and be able to compete with the top age group triathletes. I am a little behind them right now but they have planted the seed. The top pros are so good and put so much into their craft. It would be amazing if I could race at their level but I am afraid that would place many stresses on my life. I wish I had their time and training abilities but I always need to keep family first.

I think I showed this when I received my award and selected the water bottle over the other prizes. Reason for that, my daughter always tries to take my water bottle off my bike in the garage to use and I always have to stop her and remind her that it is dirty. For some time now she has asked me to bring a water bottle home from a race, one with the "sports guys" (Subaru triathlon logos), so I told her that if I ever win I will bring a bottle home for her so she can put it on her tricycle. Happy to finally get that mission completed.

Monday and Tuesday, I had my boss in town from the States and we kept busy going over our plans and just catching up. Really great to get these very solid days of work in but it was tough to be super energetic after a long race.

I ended up going out with some people from work on Monday night for a quick appetizer but did not plan to train anyway and needed to recover. On Tuesday though, it was back at it and I hooked up with my club in Brampton. Rob let me know about his intentions to run before the ride so I booked it over after work but they were already around 1.5k into the 6k run by the time I saw them. I parked the car and sprinted out to try to catch them. Not going to happen but I ran quick and put in close to 4.5 to 5 k with half being faster than race pace. We then headed out on a awesome group ride.

The pace started very manageable at first but then the gun went off and Rob, Richard and I paced ourselves to a very fast 63k ride through north Brampton. Lots of climbs were along the route and we pushed each other very hard. These guys are much stronger on the bike so I was just trying to hang in there. I managed to keep up and our finishing few km's were in a pace line at 40k/hr into the wind. As I have not rode in a formal group before, I was excited to learn the drill. We each took 30 seconds on the pull as we headed back to the cars. Excellent ride to get back into the swing and ready for the olympic distance du this weekend.

Talk soon,

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