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December 9, 2014

It's been a long time...

Life has been very busy these days and I became complacent with my blog over the last year. At times, I would think about writing an update but something would always pop up and side track my athletic thoughts.

2014 Canadian Oly Duathlon Championships (TTF)

In 2015, I am going to get back to putting my training, racing, equipment experiences back on "paper". It will take some time to get the site back up to speed but I hope a lot of the readers that once stopped by return and make their presence felt (comments, suggestions, etc.). I can't wait to get started as I really need to get motivated for the season. As I get older, it gets tougher to find the energy to put in all the training hours I once completed every week. Last year, this had me way behind on my bike preparations to start the season and my consistency suffered. I hope to correct this for the next campaign and also get my nutrition under control to make every training opportunity count.

The nice thing about the upcoming 2015 season is the group of duathletes assembled through , @du_enthusiasts and the Ontario Duathlon facebook page. Having constant communication has created a friendly, but competitive environment within in our sport. I hope this will help grow the participation, especially on the Recharge with Milk Triathlon series (thanks to John Salt's amazing support for us du'ers), to make the duathlon a bigger and more celebrated part of the multisport community.

2014 Lakeside Oly Duathlon 

Thanks for reading and talk soon,
Larry Bradley


K Jacobson said...

Nice to see you back, Larry!


Thanks K! Let's see if I can get back on Blog track here.

Happy Holidays!!!!