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December 22, 2014

A new chapter

So I am just testing the blogger app and this may be just the ticket to more frequent updates. I spend a lot more time on my phone than computer so this is a game changer.

Last week I jumped on a promo sale for the Marden Half Marathon for $20. I think it is on April 11 so I better get serious right after the holidays.

My running has been there in terms of distance with a little speed but I will need to drop several pounds to enjoy a solid race. I would like to go sub 1:20 on this course and stay competitive in my AG and Masters so I hope this motivates me to take things a bit more seriously. 

As for the bike, it is an after thought these days. I hate my trainer and just do not feel like buying something I do not use enough to justify the price tag. 

The weather has not been much of an issue so I have been on quick commute rides but it is not a workout. Let's see if the new year gets me rolling as last season I couldn't find the bike inspiration until April or May. Yikes!

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