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February 28, 2012

Let the fun begin...

After a few weeks of mild depression, as I worried about a possible long term injury, I am happy to say I am back in action. When I arrived back from Vegas I made an appointment to see my Physio as soon as I could and thank goodness her diagnosis was on the positive side. My fear was that I had a stress fracture in my shin but she checked things out and determined that it was just muscle strain along that region. I took a few more days off after the initial treatment and went back for a second round less than a week later. Now I am back in business as the pain has disappeared and I can run confident that I will not be adding to a small fracture in my lower leg.

Obviously, after sitting on the sidelines for a few weeks, I had to slowly ramp back up to the speeds and distances that I was hitting before I shut things down. Today is actually my first speed session coming off the injured reserve so I am excited to see if I can build it up or if I will be winded earlier than my January tests? I was entering February in great shape thanks to a much better diet but I have fallen off the sugar wagon since the stress levels increased. Thankfully, I have not gained much in weight but I do notice a little more chub around the belly than I was sporting three weeks ago.

It is tough to eliminate all the bad foods, as I am sure everyone can attest. Problem with me is that I don't just snack, I devour mass quantities of all items that get in my way. I am also a terrible impulse purchaser and will grab garbage foods as I walk to the counter to pay for the products I really need. Damn you smart marketing people!

Hopefully, the outdoor long rides will start up soon so I can burn off a few more calories! I did get out for a 90 minute cruise on Sunday to commute to work. It was a lot more enjoyable than sitting on the trainer so I will cross my fingers for the bigger, weekend sessions to commence in the coming weeks. My attention span on the trainer is 45 to 60 minutes so getting the endurance sets done are way too painful indoors. Hats off to all those 2 and 3 hour stationary cycling folks I read about!

Anyway, just wanted to drop a quick update before my blog got too stale.

Talk soon,


richard westwood said...

I've had it about up to here with the trainer, Larry. At this point, I'm watching for any opportunity to get my bike outside. That should start to happen frequently once daylight savings kicks in just over a week from now. Also, like you, I'll be looking to drop several pounds once the outside riding starts. Here's looking towards the spring riding season.



Seeing the weather for this weekend, looks like we are stuck on the trainer for a little longer. This wind is insane. Better get some riding weather soon or I am going to go bananas!