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February 16, 2012

Here I am...

I know, I have been a little quiet for the past few weeks due to work and family stuff so here's a quick update.

Last week, I was in Las Vegas for a work related trip so I was kept pretty busy and away from my computer. It was not a great week as my training suffered and I fell back into some bad habits with poor eating and very little rest (tried to sleep but too many things bouncing around my head). Let's just say, I am not a big fan of the Vegas experience. Thankfully, I stuck to my plan of not gambling so I did not walk away from there minus any funds that I hope to put towards my running and cycling this season. That would have been a huge bummer.

Before I left for Vegas, I had a very amazing January of training. Specifically in my running where I put in some big weeks with a lot of solid speed work. I kept to my diet during the month and, by the end of the period, was feeling light and quick. I was getting super excited about month two of the new year but in the past week I think the volume may have caught up with me. As a precaution, I reduced my running last week in case it was a stress fracture in my shin.

The problem was not bothering me during the runs but I felt a little pain while sitting around during the meetings. It didn't help that I took a slap shot off that area in my last game between the pipes in hockey days before leaving for Sin City. I did run a few times on the treadmill at the hotel but decided to get a few professional opinions before making a possible fracture worse and having to take more time off to heal. After a visit with my physio today, it appears to be just a common strain that just needs some extra stretching and care. That was nice news for the day. I will stay with Tyler's cycling week plans to keep the impact off the area for a few more days and then ease back into the run. Hopefully, I will pick up where I left off and continue to get ready for the Sporting Life 10k.

Another thing affecting my training these days is the health of the people around me at home. Nothing major but everyone has been down with the flu for the past three weeks so it has been tough to leave the house without feeling guilty. Thankfully, I have the trainer set up in the basement this year so I can spend some time on it after everyone is sleeping. Although, on a few occasions I have been interrupted to help out after someone has had a coughing fit or needed to cool a fever. Fun times!

Anyway, just a quick note. I have my first 2012 Product Review almost completed so please keep an eye open for my report on CEP Compression Running Socks! So very amazing results from this product. Wish I had more of them for Vegas so I could recover during all the meetings!


Dr. Sean Delanghe BSc. (Hon), DC said...

Life just loves to get in the way of training sometimes, eh Larry? Sounds like you're doing a great job staying active when you finally get the time...Nice work, and keep things rolling!


That is for sure! Oh well, just suppose to be for fun anyway, right? ha ha
Thanks for the amazing support! Can't wait to get racing this year. It is going to be blast out there in 2012!

talk soon,

Anonymous said...

Hey, I noticed your race schedule, are you not focusing on duathlons/tri's as much and more so on cycling?


Hello Anonymous,

Training focus is still duathlons, although, it is hard to see that on my tent. schedule.

January was a very heavy running month coming off a great fall of cycling. I made a commitment to some friends to ride with a team this year and cycling only has certain races weekends so they had to be booked.

The number of running races and duathlons will end up exceeding last year's totals but I will fit them in as events work into my schedule. I am also waiting to see what events my coach may need help with so want to leave some weekends open for him.

I did sign up for Muskoka 70.3 already but the swimming just isn't getting me excited.

This year I have 5 goals set aside with 4 of 5 being running (x2) or duathlon (x1)/triathlon (x1) related.

Another reason for more cycling is to build this end of my duathlon. I have a very aggressive 40-44 AG goal in mind so I have to make sure I am progressing with both aspects. Last year I was flat on the bike until I focused more on it in the fall. My running also improved so I think this schedule will help both elements of the du in the long run.

Thanks for the question!