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November 3, 2011

Getting the game face on...

Since I finally officially registered the other day, I cannot turn back now. I wasn't thinking about it anyway but sometimes you get up on a race day and would rather stay in bed. When you register on race day, such as I do very often (bad habit), there is no financial commitment so being lazy (especially when the weather is crappy) and staying home does not create such a guilty feeling.

So Sunday is my next challenge at the Hamilton Half Marathon. Looks like there is a good field of runners signed up so I hope I have a few people to work with to chase down my goal. I feel like I have put in an excellent fall of training and the weight has come down to a comfortable running level so I am excited to see how things pan out.

I know from the last few half marathons that the legs are going to hurt in the final 5k at the pace I raced during those events but I would really like to hammer a little more out of the gate to see how low I really can go on this downhill course. Tyler believes I have a faster time in my system, based on my training paces and shorter race results, so that may be just the vote of confidence I need to try to push the pace a little more. Hopefully, others will want to go after this time range as well so that I have some company on the road. I am sure we will encounter some wind down along the lake shore area so every extra body counts during this stretch!

Other than getting ready for this race, I have been trying to find a place to swim in preparation for the 2012 Muskoka 70.3. Not an easy task given my demands. I need something very close to home, something that is open early or very late and something that isn't crazy expensive. Not sure I am going to satisfy all these demands but I better pick something soon as I would like to be in the water 5 or 6 times a week before the new year to improve as much as possible before next fall.

Well, that's just a quick update for now. I hope everyone has a great race weekend and make sure you say HI! if you are in Hamilton this Sunday. Good luck!



richard westwood said...

Good luck, Larry! Sorry I won't be there to watch but got a busy day myself on Sunday. I know what you mean about finding a good swim time. But check around the community centres. I've found early in the morning or even at lunch worked for me. Not ideal but something I could work with.


Thanks Richard! Hope you have a great Sunday of running, cycling and family time!

Funny how everyone mentions that their community centre has morning swims. I am willing to get out of bed for this commitment but my closest centre only has open swims 12:30 - 1:30 (lots of meetings) and 9:00 - 10:00 (getting the kids to bed). I think I will have to pay them a visit to see what goes on early in the AM. Maybe it is a swim program that I can join?

Talk soon,

Syd Trefiak said...

Good Luck bud! Is their a premier fitness near you? They sometimes have a 25m pool that has open swim times.


Thanks Syd!

There is a premier fitness. The pool is 20m so a little short but not too bad. I am going to check it out. Just a little worries about the bad press they receive about the billing practices.

Hope all is well in the Port!