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November 10, 2011

Just chilling...

Hey Folks,

Just a quick hit this morning before I dive into another full day of webinar action at work.

I am currently working on my race report from the Hamilton Half Marathon. Should be able to post by the end of the weekend. It has been a crazy week at work but the timing is good. I have not completed anything of note, athletically speaking. Coach told me to recover and I am doing just that. I don't think he told me to binge on junk food so I will have some work to do coming off this week.

Not sure what is 100% for my next adventure. I want to run Egg Nog Jog but it may have sold out. I am not organized at this moment, in that aspect of my daily world, to just go and sign up. Between family, work, hockey work, etc... I am not sure how that weekend is shaping up for free time so need to sit down and sort through things before making the committment. That may be too late the way the entries are filling up. Oh well.

After that, Tyler wants me to test out the Boxing Day 10 Miler. Once again, not sure of my schedule so got to take a look at all the factors on that day before jumping in. Hope I can check things out tomorrow night.

Anyway, must be going.

Make sure you read some of the blogs on the left side of my web page. A lot of cool posts from my friends of late.

Talk soon,


richard westwood said...

I signed up for the Boxing Day 10 Miler at the expo for Around the Bay last year. It's a great race, I love it!


I'm afraid. Too many up hill sections from what I hear...

Actually, I hope I can fit it in my schedule. I know the Marlies play that day so may be tough.

Dr. Sean Delanghe BSc. (Hon), DC said...

Looking forward to the race report Larry. Also, I too have been binging hardcore on junkfood! Man, recovery week is sweet.


Thanks Sean! Things settled down (junk food) abit now that I am getting focused on my next goal. Thank goodness. Man, the pounds really attach quickly to my frame.