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September 20, 2010

Lakeside 2010 - Oly Tri photos

For the past couple years I have done the Lakeside Triathlon as it is a chance for my Mom to come to one of my events to cheer me on. She lives closer to Sarnia and I do not do too much racing over on that side of the province.

At this race we also set aside some time for her hobby during and after the event. She loves to take pictures and we got some more great shots that you don't usually get from the race pics as they are always shooting head on and miss the side shots of the bike.

Hope you enjoy a few of the shots! I will post more when I have a few extra minutes this week.


Andrew Opala said...

that's so nice that you think of your mom!

nice photos


Thanks Andrew! I hope your race went as planned!

When you have family support it really helps keep you motivated. If she was not at the race, I may have just pulled out when I realized the result was not going to be what I imagined. That would have been a poor play on my end so I am glad there were a few people pulling me through at this race!

Talk soon,