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September 7, 2010

Fall Preview - 2010

Coming off a few easy weeks post Timberman, it is time to re-focus and gear up for the fall season. I was going to do the Wasaga Olympic Tri but it did not work into my family schedule so I can wait for Lakeside to take a run at my Olympic Distance Tri debut. This should be interesting as the distance is one I have completed on the duathlon stage many times. I know from last season that my long term goal of sub 2 hours was getting closer to being realized but with the additional swim, I have to re-work the goal.

Sub 2 hours in a triathlon is years away so I would like to push towards a sub 2:10. This is probably a lot to ask at this point of my triathlon life but I like to challenge myself.

With Lakeside taking place on Sept 19th, I am missing out on a large number of events. I am shocked at how many great things are happening on this date. Take a look below for a short list of the interesting happenings, most of them I would have signed up for if they were any other date.

- Terry Fox Run (I really wish I could make this as it is such an amazing event, Worldwide!)
- Centurion 100 (lots of Falcons hitting this event)
- Tour de Mississauga
- Run for the Grapes Half Marathon (want to race a half before it gets too cold)
- FMCT Team TT (thankfully the club changed the date after they saw all the events on Sept 19)
- Greg Stobbart Memorial Ride (Kelso CA, Milton )
- etc!!!!

As you can see it is a busy weekend, and that is just the evens close to home. After Lakeside, I would like to take a few shots at running events in the area. I don't want to travel too far and don't want to head downtown Toronto on a busy weekend. Here is a list I have put together and will work with Tyler to come up with a schedule that works for everyone.

*Erin - Sun, Sept 12th  (5k or 10k?, might be too much with Tanya's plans this weekend, very close to home)
*Toronto Scotia  - Sun, Sept 26th (half marathon, don't want to go right downtown TO, too soon after Lakeside)
*Caledon Kinetico -  Sat, Oct 2nd (5k or 10k?, new date and course! works better (was on Sept 19th), free kids run that we did last year)
*Toronto - Sun, Oct 3rd (5k x-country, would love to do one xc before guelph but this may not work with other events)
*Guelph - Mon, Oct 11th (5k, on Thanksgiving so may be tough with family)
*Oakville - Fri, Oct 15th (5k or 10k?, want to do a fast 10k at some point)
*Base Borden - Sat, Oct 16th (half marathon, maybe too far of a drive?)
*Toronto Good Life - Sun, Oct 17th (half marathon, same as Scotia, don't want to go downtown)
*Niagara Falls - Sun, Oct 24th (half marathon, done the marathon here, too far a drive?)
*Oakville - Sun, Oct 24th (5k or 10k?, depends where I pick my half, close to home)
*Waterloo - Sat, Nov 6th (5k or 10k?, want something for early Nov but is this too far of a drive?)
*Hamilton - Sun, Nov 7th (half marathon, too much downhill???)
*Angus Glen - Sun, Nov 7th (half marathon, love the course, may not be as fast as I was looking for)
*Guelph - Sat, Nov 27th (5k X-Country, awesome event, will sell out - sign up early!)
*Terra Cotta - Sun, Dec 12th (10.8k, ran last year and a big Falcon showing, sub 40 this year on those hills?)
Ideally, I would like to race once every two to three weekends as I have not even raced close to the amount this summer, compared to the last few years. I have some lofty goals in mind (when don't I??) for the 5k, 10k and the Half Marathon and I feel as quick as ever these days thanks to Tyler and the track. If I can manage my weight, I am pretty sure I can hit some respectable times for an older dude this fall.
If you are racing, let me know which event and I will see if it works. It is always more fun to make it a social day as well!


Luke Ehgoetz said...

Larry, if you want a fast 10K, you should do the Octoberfest 10K here in Waterloo. My two fastest 10K times have been on that course. Nice and cool and often a north tailwind. I was thinking of doing the Vulture Bait 25K in October (I think). I need something to do between Muskoka and Clearwater (hopefully!) I'm also doing Lakeside, but the sprint so that my son can do the KOS race on Saturday. Should be fast as long as the legs aren't too sore from Muskoka still!!


Hey Luke,

Thanks for the reco's. That Octoberfest 10k might be a good race for me around that time. The 25k Velture Race sounds tough. I am going to look into their website.

Best of luck in Muskoka this weekend! I hope the weather gets a lot warmer and you guys have great racing conditions!

BTW - you have put together a very good blog site! Can't wait to read your race report for 70.3.

Best of luck!

Robbie-T Runs. said...

Hey Larry,

Let us know which races you are going to run in, I'd like to attempt to get out with you if possible.


Hey Robbie,

I am going to send you an email this afternoon. I guess we missed the Erin event. HAHA I couldn't get out of family business. I will send you some dates so hopefully we can get out for a few races or training runs.