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October 16, 2012

Cool runnings...

With so many great events taking place in the fall, it is sometimes tough to sit around and not race. Every weekend I spend some quality time on or to cheer on friends and check out how everyone is progressing. I could easily get out there and join the crowds running the streets of Toronto, the expressway in Stoney Creek or the shoreline of Niagara but I have not taken the initiative to click on a registration page and commit to one of these big, local gems.

There are a few things holding me back but mostly it is just laziness that seems to have set into my legs. I am still getting my daily workouts in but, compared to the spring and summer, I have significantly reduced the work load and don't feel obligated (no current goals on the calendar) to get my butt out of bed for that second workout to get me to my usual state of fitness.

Thankfully, a couple of my favourite December races should get me motivated (Egg Nog Jog, Chilly Willy) in short order so, hopefully, I can slide in a warm up run or two in before the final month of the year.

Other than running, I finally got out on the bike for my first ride since the crash on the August long weekend. It felt good to get out with the Kurzawinski Coach group as we zipped through the Caledon side roads. For the most part I felt solid with most of the pace, until Richard and Coach decided to do a spinning train that I held on for a few km but gassed myself going up a small hill. I guess it is time to spend some more time in the saddle before I lose too much of the bike power I had this summer.

Also, it is that time of the year when most companies look to fill their sponsorship rosters. I have not had a lot of luck with soliciting these in the past but will hand out a few submissions this fall in hopes that a couple people jump on board. I know in Canada it is always tough to get assistance as many companies has small budgets and do not always see the benefit of sponsoring Age Group athletes. I totally understand the business of  sport so I realize we should not expect many businesses to be able to pour money into this expense line so when someone does jump on board, it is a very nice gesture on their behalf.

Anyway, just a quick update to keep things relatively fresh.

Good luck to everyone lacing up over the next few weeks!


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