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October 25, 2012

Brand me, please...

The boredom of the off-season is tough to battle through most of the time. The lack of big goal races leads to excuses in training and diet as you dream of warmer days. I know you are suppose to just relax and enjoy some rest for the mind and body but I find it tough to pass the time during this eight month stretch of eventless days.

I guess the upside is we have more time to read and write so many blogs are kept more current so being stuck in front of a computer is not all that bad. Also, it gives us time to put some work into our annual sponsorship campaigns. As many Canadian age groupers know, these are very hard to come across and a lot of the work we pour into selling ourselves comes up empty in the end. Thankfully, there are some spots available here and there so most of us don't walk away 100% disappointed from the process.

Before I started throwing out requests a month ago, I sat down and really questioned my needs for the 2013 season. Being that I have already committed to the World Duathlon Championships in Ottawa, I know next year is going to be much busier than my last two seasons. I am really going to put a solid push in for this event and will need a lot more nutritional, footwear, recovery gear, cycling supplies, etc.  to make this happen.

With these products in mind, I have started my search and initiated a number of talks with suppliers I frequently use or would like to partner with. I am sure most of them will not pan out in the end but I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

If you are reading along and think I could help your brand in 2013, please send me a message ( ) and maybe we can scratch each others backs.

Thank you very much!
Larry Bradley

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