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March 23, 2012

Checking in...

Hey folks! Hope everyone is loving the amazing weather we have been so lucky to enjoy for the past few weeks? I know I have!

The bike has seen the asphalt quite a bit already this "spring" and the beautiful weather has motivated me to get off the treadmill for a lot of my speed work. Although, I am not exactly ready for the dizziness of the track just yet, I have found some great, flat stretches of trail to mark out my distances so I can zone out and just concentrate on form and turnover. Results have been promising but I feel I still have a lot of work to do, especially, with the last few reps where my pace has been tailing off.

As I have registered for the Sporting Life 10k, I have been very focused on getting ready to push my time as low as possible. I know it is a downhill run but I do have a few previous experiences with the course so I have to crush those times to show that my running is improving. Other than that run, I hope to jump into a 5k or two before the SL10k. The FMCT Falcon's "Run 4 Hope" ( ) in Brampton is one option with Brad's Feet in Motion "Spring into Motion" ( ) in Georgetown as another possibility.

On the cycling side, I have had the opportunity to ride along side some new teammates already this year. Richard & Jon Westwood and I have teamed up with some really great guys on . Richard and I will be starting off in M3 with a number of other strong riders in hopes of earning enough points to move up the ranks. Although, I cannot make it out to all of their training sessions, I have jumped in and proved that I could ride with my category. When the hockey season wraps up, I will have some more spare time to ride with the boys.

The chance to ride with many top riders from the area can only make me stronger on the bike so I can't wait to join more of their daily sessions. Our first test will be in a few weeks as the OCup season gets underway in Flamborough at the Good Friday Road Race on April 6th. I raced this event back a few years ago so at least I know much of the course. This time, I will have much more confidence and a team to work with so it will be a whole new ball game. I just hope we can get up near the front of the pack before anything silly happens, as it always seems to have a fair number of crashes.

Beyond attending many of the OCup Road Races, I have not put much else in stone to date. I will jump into a bunch of du's along the way and try to stay up with the fast guys that seem to be getting quicker every season. I am just lucky most of them are in different Age Groups so I can take some pride in AG podiums! HA HA

As a parting note, keep an eye out for my next product review. I have been testing the Compex Mi-Sport muscle stimulator device for the past month. This has been a very cool experience and I would love to pass along some of my thoughts regarding the amazing product!

Talk soon!

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