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January 5, 2012

Things are taking shape...

Wow, what a difference a week makes!

My training has been very solid in the new year but the biggest difference so far is my improved diet. I have cut out the sweets and have been snacking a lot more wisely and it is already showing, big time! I know it is easy to do this for the short term, when I set my mind to it, so it is going to be very important that I keep on track throughout the year. The past few seasons I have been overly relaxed with my eating habits and ended up racing much heavier than I would have liked. I know I will have to enjoy the odd day of bad food choices now and then but must reduce those instances in a big way.

So what else is happening? Actually, not a heck of a lot. Just trying to set up a race calendar for 2012 that includes a little bit of all my passions. A little running, duathlon and triathlon. Makes for a busy year so I hope I can pick some of my favourites and work them into an OCup cycling schedule.

Another thing I have been doing of late is catching up on some reading. A very good posting I just read comes from local triathlete, Rhys Spencer. He lays out a great summary of what it takes to complete a quick Ironman so please check it out .

I also enjoyed reading Ricard Westwood's latest analysis of his training program. If you are an Age Group cyclist interested to see how one of the top performers in his AG gets it done, you would be wise to follow his link at !

Of course, there are several other worthy reads from the list of blogs I follow so please scan over to the left side of my page and add some to your daily information gathering!

Lastly, I will leave you with a video that I have been studying of late. Coach Tyler continues to emphasize the importance of efficiencies in my running. Forefoot running with higher knee action are some of the mental keys I have been using of late. This YouTube video demonstrates what I have been trying to incorporate into my drills. I hope you enjoy...


Axel Kussmann said...

Good to hear the snack monitoring works... I'm taking a similar approach (plus no booze till February) and hoping I can get my race weight down to where it'll pay dividends.



Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

I have a very bad sweet tooth and tend to consume 1000s (not even a joke) of bad calories a day with poor snack choices. These add up fast so I can shed a lot of weight when I cut off (long term) the sugar supply. I hope you find the same success!

Best wishes in 2012 and keep us posted on your progess.

Looks like you have a great blog so I will be following along.