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September 28, 2011

Weekly Update

Things are coming along very well after Centurion. Getting my running legs back and bringing my weight down to a more favourable running weight. I am sitting around 2 1/2 weeks out from Scotia Marathon and it seems like I will be able to run my race as I have not heard from the Pacing Program so everyone must be healthy and able to fulfill their bunny obligations.

I mentioned that I had a slight pull across my lower abdomen/groin area leading into the bike race. Tyler and I decided to rest the running for a little bit and now it is feeling much better. Still not perfect but with a good warm up, I am able to train and keep the marathon on the schedule. I was hoping to run the OMA 5k Cross Country race in Taylor Creek park this weekend but we have decided it best not to risk a full out effort on this type of footing at this point. I am glad I asked Tyler as I was just about to sign up. Always good to get a professional opinion when dealing with aches and pains!

I will now stick to the original plan for this week and save a few bucks by not racing. I hope we have some solid weather as it would be nice to train with some folks this weekend.

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richard westwood said...

Yeah, save a few bucks by signing up for the Tour de Hans, haha.


I know, I was not expecting to get the green light for the tour de hans. I brought it up over supper and was happy that my better half was supporting the Sunday bike event.

Now it's time to saddle up!