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July 25, 2011

Quick Update

Hey Folks!

Sorry for being horrible at updating lately. Work, family and training are keeping me very busy these days so I have been a little distracted. Not to mention the tdf coverage I have been glued to...

I plan to write a report on my amazing experience at the Peterborough Half Ironman a few weekends ago with the Won with One program. So happy I accepted the challenge and had an opportunity to spend time with many awesome athletes.

Other aspects of training keeping me on the go are the miles required on the bike to get ready for a few longer cycling events (Tour de Terra Cotta and Centurion Canada) plus the usual running to stay ready for one or two more duathlons.

This season has not really lined up the way I expected and many of the races I thought I would be taking part in have changed or been dropped to allow for other weekend adventures. This being said, work has now asked me to travel to California the week of the Duathlon Provincial Championships.

I have been gearing up for this all summer thinking it would be my big "A" race of 2011. As I am also traveling the week before (Calgary) and racing a few weekends leading up to that date, I just cannot see how I am going to manage to enter that race without adding a lot of extra stress to several aspects of life. Also, coming back on the Red Eye from the West Coast always kills my body so I don't think I will be in great form for a Saturday race. I hate to walk away from this race but it may be the best for many reasons. Stay tuned...

Talk soon,

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