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April 14, 2011

OAT Bike Insurance Programme - New for 2011

Copied from the OAT Website

The Ontario Association of Triathletes is pleased to introduce OAT's Bike Insurance Programme, the newest benefit for OAT members.

The cost of the equipment necessary to compete in triathlon is high. This is particularly true for bicycles. Unfortunately not all of OAT's members have taken steps to insure their bikes for loss or theft. In OAT's continued effort to provide value, this special programme has been developed for OAT members.

Not only will your bike be covered for loss or theft but OAT has gone one step further and provided the opportunity to insure your bike for damage arising from accidents at OAT sanctioned races. Coverage will be extended to National Junior Series and Championship races held in Canada and sanctioned by Triathlon Canada.

Cost for this coverage is determined by the value of the bicycle - $61.50 for up to $5,000 of coverage and $93.90 for up to $10,000 of coverage.

The period of coverage is tied to the membership year - from April 1, 2011 to March31, 2012.

This low cost OAT Bike Insurance programme was specially designed for OAT members and will be available to full members only. You must be a member BEFORE you apply. The programme will be administered through the OAT office.

Please visit their site for more info and the Application Forms...

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